Gregario di Lorathio Giovanni de Bardi

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Capo of Martha's Vineyard and the Islands
Innate Status:
Accredited at the founding of the Independent Alliance

Abiding Status by Position:
Enforcer - appointed minister of the Independent Alliance of Boston

Fleeting Status:

Notable Traits:
Gregario has an Eerie Presence- he may only look like he's in his 40s, but there's something... Ancient... and... Hungry... about him. Like he's a meat suit worn by something from the beginning of time that thinks you're a light snack.


  • 1507- Gregario is born in Florence, Italy in the height of the Italian Renaissance period
  • 1520- Gregario signs up to become a member of the Militia. Quietly makes friends with Republican forces that wish to oust the Medici
  • 1527, May 16- Florentine forces drive the Medici out of Florence. Gregario served primarily as the quartermaster for the Militia
  • 1527, September- Gregario marries his first wife, Lucinda.
  • 1529-1530, October 24 to August 10- Gregario serves with the Militia during the Siege of Florence, again as quartermaster. At the End of the Siege, Alessandro de' Medici is installed as the ruler of the city.
  • 1542, May 10- As a reward for his services and because of his potential Gregario is given the Proxy Kiss (Ghouled)
  • 1542, June 1- Gregario begins working at the Il Bardi Bank in Florence
  • 1543- the birth of first of Gregario’s children
  • 1569- the Duchy of Florence becomes the Grand Duchy as the duke, Cosimo I de' Medici, became Grand Duke of Tuscany.
  • 1569, September 8th(VIP 20)- ownership of Gregario transfers to Augustus Giovanni, who has him work as family historian.
  • 1589, October- Lucinda dies. She was 82 but had not earned the Proxy Kiss.
  • 1642- Gregario Remarries a woman named Loretta
  • 1721- While accompanying Augustus Giovanni to a presentation by the Toreador, they become witness to one of the Daughters of Cacophony performing. Despite the side effects, it would go down in his history as one of the best operettas he was witness to.
  • 1799-Florence comes under French control during the Neapolitan Wars
  • 1814-French occupation ends. Gregario throws a massive party and much debauchery was done. A few French soldiers may have been killed as servings for members of the Giovanni family in presence.
  • 1892, August 12- through his various black market allies, friends in strange places, etc. Gregario receives a fragment of an ancient tome. It takes him some work to translate (not his best skill) but he comes to understand that he holds a fragment of a very valuable book
  • 1919- Concerns that Mussolini’s political ideology would hurt Giovanni interests, Gregario went undercover as a quartermaster for the Fasci di Combattimento*2008- After the attack on the Mausoleum, one of Gregario’s great grandkids (now a vampire themselves) goes looking for “Grandpapi Greg”. Finds him badly injured in his home in Florence, having been attacked to prevent him from warning the Mausoleum. He is embraced by his grandchild to keep him from passing into the Shadowlands.
  • 2009, January 16th- Gregario leaves accounting and is requested to look into several overseas accounts for the Il Bardi Bank. Rumors persist that it is also to get the family historian away from Italy to avoid some threat.
  • 2012, May 9th- (VIP 10) on a “Vacation”/business trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, Gregario bore witness to the Signing of the Independent Alliance Accord.
  • 2013- travels to Boston to set down some roots and help deal with the Aftermath of the Red Star.



Gregario's business deals have reportedly included the following individuals and groups.

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Terrible Words

Quotes by Gregario

Quotes about Gregario

Rumors, Scandals, and Innuendos

  • He's an elder. But deliberately doesn't act like one.
  • He's a neonate pretending to be an elder pretending to be a neonate.
  • He's called "Uncle Greg" by the il Bardi Giovanni for a reason - Almost every il Bardi is one of his grandkids.
  • He plays with mortals way too much. And he does the freaky stuff.
  • "Lies, Slander, and Computer Simulations" (Feel free to add your own)


Gregario di Lothario de Bardi Giovanni

Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent Alliance
Domain: Boston
Player: Kevin S.
VST: Graham R. (iVST)
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