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Commonly Known Information


Name: Gregoire Lucien Merovech

Clan: Noseferatu

Lineage: Susurro

Sire: Ramon De La Benedicion

Childer: Cyrus Eddington

Sect: Camarilla

City: Des Moines

Notable Traits: Gregoire is rather effete by Nosferatu standards. He is never dressed in less than the finest of clothing, and rarely is he seen without an ornate Mask of some form, in the style of his Sire and Grandsire. His jewelry, though sparse, is always high quality and striking, perfectly matched to his outfit and fine cologne's accompany each ensemble. Some might even mistake him for a Degenerate...though never in earshot.

In his true form, Gregoire appears an emaciated skeleton, wrapped in a thin layer of pale, chalky grey skin. His recessed eyes look out from a skull of a head, though curious, his hands end in skeletal claws, but his teeth are oddly straight for one of the Nosferatu. Obviously skilled with a modicum of his Clan's signature Discipline, his Masks often affect a middle-aged man of pale skin, with glossy, raven black hair and blue eyes, of obvious French descent.

More curious, he is often accompanied by a flock of doves, always in his presence, and often in a hand or on a shoulder, and perched in the rafter's or upon the roof of wherever he is currently residing.

Society: None...or some...or all.

Clan: Nosferatu

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Confirmed (Elder)
Established (Elder)
Privileged (Elder)
Noble (Primogen)




  • The Lineage of Susurro are all master spies, and he is their spy master.
  • He and his childer, Cyrus Eddington have not spoken since the ascension of Stanford Warwick.
  • A fine collector of antiquities, he has a vault in his Haven filled with treasures from throughout history; fine art, objects of import, and even a collection of deodands.
  • A scholar of the occult, he is known to also possess many ancient grimiores of arcane power, said to rival even the Warlocks.
  • He dotes on the Neonates of his Lineage, dispensing grand-fatherly advice and comfort freely to them.
  • He has some deficiency with the Discipline of Potence; barely able to display any amount of strength, mundane or preternatural.
  • He has a predilection for the blood of Priests.
  • Elder Merovech will do just about anything, for the right price.

Quotes from Him

  • "Blood is all."
  • "You cannot have allies without lies.'
  • "I support the Tower by the will of my Justicar."
  • "I am always happy to help."

Quotes about Him


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OOC Information

Player: Cameron Zigtema

Player Email:

Storyteller: Melissa E.

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Location: Des Moines, IA