Greta Miller

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General Information


Alias: Greta Miller
Assignment: Kinfolk
Affiliation: Get of Fenris

Seen with the Naked Eye:
- Rarely far from a cigarette
- Sports a beaten up leather jacket
- Looks significantly older than her known associates
- Carries silver weapons as well as more traditional metals

Playing on Repeat
Wreak Havoc, Skylar Grey
No Lives Matter, Body Count
Black Wave, K. Flay
Medieval Warfare, Grimes

Believe the Howl, Baby:
- Greta funds her kinfolk support by hiring as a contract killer
- Greta bears a strong resemblance to the Dutch 19th century Get hero, Ila Swiftfoot
- Greta keeps dossiers on male garou-born Get of Fenris, with their lineage, ages, and estimated heroic potential

Smoke and Whispers


- "She seems like a nice lady! But she smells a little funny. The wolves say she'll never change, but I'm not so sure..." - Buttons
- "She is a perfect warrior goddess." - Clara
- "Please add one!" - Name

- People who hurt her associates have a nasty habit of turning up dead.
- She takes contracts on Garou, humans, and Fera... but never on kinfolk.
- Greta produced 12 children, all of whom have naturally turned to Get Garou
- Several of her children have not actually naturally turned into garou and she has had them bitten to keep her reputation intact.
- Only fools around with metis and bitten of other tribes to change things up because there's no risk of producing a kid.
- She is exactly one cup of coffee and three cigarettes away from attempted murder at any time.

OOC Information


Player: Alison G.
Storyteller: Mike Boaz
Coordinator: Rowan Artemis

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