Greta Odjurhund

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Commonly Known Information
Name: Greta Odjurhund
  • Light skin and eyes and long, blonde hair
  • Average height and build
  • Dresses in leather - perhaps the skins of her prey?
Notable Traits:
  • Obvious Predator
  • Often accompanied by a large mastiff with intelligent eyes
  • Often has a great grey owl sitting on her shoulder
  • Has zero fucks to give
Clan: Tzimisce
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Friends & Associates

Friends & Associates

    Pack: ?
    Pizza Man

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Quotes & Rumours

Quotes & Rumours

"Your stupid phone is skitsnack, bullshit." — Greta
"Quote goes here." — Greta's friend
Greta learned her Path from its very first follower, the vampire who codified it.
Rumour goes here.
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0000-1572 Greta was born
0000-1602 Embraced in Sweden
0000-1620 Released from Accounting
0000-1625 Left Scandinavia
1625-1940 Traveled Eurasia until the start of WWII
000c. 1680 Met Frate the Gargoyle in Switzerland and joined his pack, Druzhina
0000-1940 Separated from pack during Blitzkrieg
0000-1940 - 1999 Traveled Europe until the red star appeared, searching for surviving
 members of Druzhina
0000-1940 Allied with local pack for protection during the war
0000-1999 Met Lorenco Manuel de Aveiro and gained passage to the Americas
1999-2018 Began escorting/leading other Sabbat journeying to to Mexico for safety
000c. 2002 Rejoined Frate and Druzhina
0000-2019 Migrated to southern California
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Out of Character
Player: Christina Eater 
Storyteller: Erick Quinones 
Location: CA-052-D

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