Grey Fur

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Grey Fur

Information Known IC by the Garou Nation


FiannaAhrounLupusSept of Oak Vale


Deed Name: Grey Fur
Name: known as "Alex" when dealing with non-Garou
Tribe: Fianna
Auspice: Ahroun
Breed: Lupus
Rank: Athro
Society: Sanctum of Gaia
Title or Position: Guardian
Pack: Children of the Isles
Sept: Oak Vale, Wales

A member of Clan O'Mannion


Grey Fur is an old warrior, risen in Rank though battles and duties, now he is old, he sits in the Caern teaching the Cubs and doing his duties, occasionally travelling when needed by Tribe, Faction or Gaia. If he is in Homid form, unusual for him, he stands about 6ft4, weighs about 280lbs, he wears old tattered clothing, a black coat and cut off denim shorts, no shoes, but just enough to be deemed decent in human society, no that he deals with them...

A wolf's Code
Protect your pack;
Show no fear;
Respect the elder;
Teach the young;
Lead your companions;
Survive each day;
Hunt your enemies;
Howl to a new tomorrow; (or howl to a Full moon)
Explore the Danger unknown;
Adapt to the environment;
Demonstrate no weakness;
Never back down;
And leave your mark

Current Activities

Protecting the Caern as a Guardian for the Warder
Teaching Cubs and Cliaths for the Den Parent


Basic Timeline

GreyFurTooth.png 1807 – Lupus born in Wentwood, Wales, UK
GreyFurTooth.png 1811 – got into a fight with the alpha, something “twisted” in me and I changed… The First Time…
GreyFurTooth.png 1812 – 1820 = Cub years – inducted into the tribe by Kinfolk and was taught the ways and his lineage Clan O'Mannion
GreyFurTooth.png 1821 – 1829 = Cliath Years, in these years he starts getting visions whenever he goes on the Hunt.
GreyFurTooth.png 1830 – travelling Europe and met Impulse Control ( we travel Europe and visit Silver Tara for over a decade, until I ramble off in 1845, following more visions…
GreyFurTooth.png 1846 – returned home, told my stories, elevated to Fostern, asked for guidance from the Theurge about my visions, she said it was a gift from the Spirits.
GreyFurTooth.png 1866 – Challenged for Pack Leader (NPC’s) and won became Adren, the visions fade for a while
GreyFurTooth.png 1875 – travelled to America on the liners (source
GreyFurTooth.png 1876 – 1889 = USA, passing through many states, meeting various Garou (OOC ongoing PC tie section), the visions return stronger than before…
GreyFurTooth.png 1890 – returned home, spent 10 years learning and training in Sept rites, researches his visions, and then travelled the UK to other Septs, learning.
GreyFurTooth.png 1902 – Aberdeen, watched a challenge for an Adren position from Ancient Fang ( unfortunately, Ancient Fang failed in his challenge, seeing potential in him Grey Fur spent 10 years with Ancient Fang, teaching him and befriending him. During this time Grey Fur is able to withstand the visions until he collapses, he wakes and then returns home
GreyFurTooth.png 1912 – 1915 = returned to the Oak Vale Sept for a few years
GreyFurTooth.png 1915 – 1925 = received message from Ancient Fang, he was going for Adren again, I travelled to him and watched, pride as he succeeded, spent time with him, helped him on his quest, travelled to North America with him, assisted in his Spirit Quest, watched the ceremony when he was given his new name Undying Determination. Travelled back to London with him, too much humanity for me and left soon after.
GreyFurTooth.png 1926 – 1930 = returned home, told my stories, learned more about Sept practices. Spoke to the Theurge about the visions, he agreed with the other Theurge, it was a gift from the Spirits aiding me in times of need…
GreyFurTooth.png 1931 – 1995 = travelled the globe, meeting various Garou (OOC ongoing PC tie section)
GreyFurTooth.png 1996 – 1997 = returned home, told my stories, learned more about Sept practices.
GreyFurTooth.png 1998 – travelled to Ireland travelling, met Cedrick Fannon, ( a brewer, and his family, we spend a couple of years just hanging out, when Cedrick returned to San Antonio in 2000.
GreyFurTooth.png 2001 – 2011 = travelled the globe, meeting various Garou (OOC ongoing PC tie section)
GreyFurTooth.png 2012 – 2016 = returned home, told my stories, learned more about Sept practices, protection and defence.
GreyFurTooth.png 2016 December – I return from checking on the Sept’s kinfolk and everything is decimated. The Sept had been attacked, the few survivors knew nought by whom or what
GreyFurTooth.png 2017 January – Athro Rank, given considering events of December 2016
GreyFurTooth.png 2017 February – Long Hair arrived after 2 months of isolation, the kinfolk is safe and we hope for more tribe from them. Slowly over the next few weeks’ others arrive on the scene, to build the Sept back up.
GreyFurTooth.png 2017 March - More arrive to answer Long Hairs aide request, the Sept continues to grow as Garou and Fera make it their home. Delwyn announces the need for new leadership and the search for a new Cearn Seed begins.
GreyFurTooth.png 2017 April to June - The Sept grows, Garou and Fera visit and make it heir home, the search starts for a Seed, Grey Fur is assigned this duty before he is made Sept Leader, Fur fails in this Quest, not only does he loose the right for Sept Leader but he also loses a rank and goes back to Adren, all his hard work to get Athro was nought.
GreyFurTooth.png 2017 July to Sept - Fur spends time meditating with the Spirits, he learns new things and a new Garou shows up and sets up an Auspice Council, in August, Valhalla Mercy becomes the Sept Leader.
GreyFurTooth.png 2017 Sept to Nov - Fur becomes the Sept's Wyrmfoe, he leads the Sept into two attacks on the Glynllifon Estate. Songs are sung and Valhalla's Mercy not liking Grey Fur's war-tactics assigns him the RECKLESS moniker in October. A few days later Valhalla's Mercy leads an assault on a base of Leeches and Garou who kidnapped two Sept residents. During the assault Valhalla 's Mercy is killed. Grey Fur becomes withdrawn from the Sept.
GreyFurTooth.png 2017 December - Grey Fur meets new Sept members, but remains withdrawn, several officer positions change, knowing his own limitations with the hu-mans, Fur recognises he his no longer able to lead the Sept as Wyrmfoe and steps down. He becomes a Guardian under the Warder and a Teacher for the Den Parent.
GreyFurTooth.png - January to April 2018 Grey Fur spends time helping out the Sept, travelling to other Septs and giving aid where he can. he is an old wolf, and the new techno-world of the hu-mans he does not understand.
GreyFurTooth.png - May to June 2018 Grey Fur spends time as a Guardian of the Sept, talking to new arrivals at the Sept and preparing for his Elder Challenge.
GreyFurTooth.png - July 2018 Grey Fur travels to Silver Tara to attend the Gathering of Departed for Bron Mac Fionn.
GreyFurTooth.png - August 2018 Grey Fur travels to the Sept of the Desert Wind for his Elder Challenge
GreyFurTooth.png - October 2018 Grey Fur dies on his Elder challenge protecting those that went with him on his Journey... the exact details the Spirits know not... only that this mighty warrior no longer draws breath...


A cave, in the woods, just outside Oak Vale sept


GreyFurTooth.png Grey Fur is old, scarred by battle but his eyes still twinkle with the knowledge to be shared.
GreyFurTooth.png Naomi tried to teach the importance of books & planning to Grey Fur
Naomi & Grey Fur
GreyFurTooth.png his mentor and role model.
GreyFurTooth.png When a warrior such as Grey Fur calls for aid, his sept must be in truly dire need and others best take heed.
GreyFurTooth.png He might like cake."
GreyFurTooth.png Rumour here.


GreyFurTooth.png "hmm.. you seem troubled"
GreyFurTooth.png "Yes, I can teach you"
GreyFurTooth.png "May Gaia be with you"
GreyFurTooth.png "Grey Fur is a great Garou, he's always been willing to give me a chance ever since I first met him. I respect him, not just for that, but because he continues to give me reasons to respect him through his actions." - Wyrmbaiter
GreyFurTooth.png "He's such a lovely wolf and I think of him fondly. He does his best in all that he pursues." Priscilla Lamnidae
GreyFurTooth.png "I think we may be related. Somehow. I might even do research on it someday" - Naomi
GreyFurTooth.png "Your Quote here".


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Player: Garfield
WTG Number: WTGUK0011-0996
Email: Garfield
Character VSS: Isle of Anglesey, Wales, UK
Storyteller: IVST Liam Draper

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