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Name: Greybeard, The All-High
Known Aliases: Arnulf, Arnwolf, Harbard, and many more.


  • Acknowledged in the City of Austin as a Member of the Camarilla.
  • Confirmed, Established, and Privileged as Elder of the Camarilla.



  • July 21, 365: Found as a newborn amidst the wreckage of a ship on the shores of Greece.
  • 410: After foreseeing victory, marched with the Visigoth army for the sacking of Rome. But refused to sail south for Africa with them. He traveled north as most of the Visigoths died during storms in the med.
  • 411: Established a family on the northern shore of Norway. His son, Uther was born on the summer solstice, and on the winter solstice, he was embraced by Wulfgar the Reaved.
  • 650: As the Temple of Uppsala rises to prominence he becomes a regular visitor and disciple of Odin, the All-High
  • 732: Establishes his home atop Galdhøpiggen in the Jötunheimr Mountains of Norway. This becomes a regular place for him to receive visitors who have sought him out at great peril for his Oracular Visions.
  • 2017: Moves to Austin, TX.
  • 2018: Assumes the mantle of The All-High.

A large, stout man of older but indeterminant years, he has a distinct full rack of Antlers that sprout from his head. His age and penchant for sleeping in the dirt, has a permanent coating of moss and foliage growing at the base of his antlers. He lost his right eye a very, very long time ago. And his long grey hair is a shaggy mane. His face is dominated by the enormous grey beard, usually decorated with beads and twists of leather. He carries an Ironwood staff.

Greybeard swings from enigmatic to mirthful, when he's awake. Even in a gathering of kindred, he is prone to drop into a slumber, staff held upright at his side. But do not for one minute think he's stopped listening or stopped watching the room around him, all with one eye closed and one eye missing.




  • A man of rare insight and wisdom, he taught me many things, including how to use my own sight. - Standing River
  • He was there when I was born, why I am not sure, but his mind touched mine and awoken something inside me. Someday we shall sit on the mountain top and speak. - Osvif Skorrisson
  • "Han ser mer enn du forstår. Seeren er en verdig alliert." - Olaf
  • "The Gangrel can field many claws. Our fangs are Legion. Far fewer keen and formidable intellects reside among us, and of those that do, Greybear is easily preeminent." - Vanator
  • "A bitter mistake from antiquity and my more violent and hotheaded youth. In the grand scheme, it seems merely a hiccup in time, but it is one that changed me forever. For the better, I believe. I owe him much, but do not know how to repay it. I need to apologize, but the words become lost on me. One day, I shall open myself up to him, and return that which was lost that fateful night." - Amyntas
  • "Silver. Is sacred. Is of the moon. Is of the sixth chakra. It cleanses and rebalances the body. Apollo and Artemis carried silver bows. Silver sands from the lost river bring beauty. Silver is truth and wisdom. Above all, it repairs a bitter and youthful mistake––at least on the physical plane of existence." - Anaïs Palomer
  • "The old ways are not dead. Finding others who share beliefs and understand is refreshing. I do not feel this is the last time we will speak." - Sarah Celeste Ashwood
  • "Before he was known as Greybeard, he was Arnulf the Grey. Temperament and Countenance. Know that the majority of the things that matter, he is both pessimistic as well as correct. Yet he stands, still. The young should take this as a valuable lesson of the strength of responsibility." - Christopher Drake
  • "I had the honor to meet Luminary Elder Greybeard the All-High at Longest Night's Ball. He shared a vision with me, and gave me advice about hunting and being a predator. His words are still echoing through me. May I find the courage to be what he has helped me see I could be. What I have always been." - Brenda Bittersea
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Clan: Noiad Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
Class: Elder
Domain: Austin, TX
Player: Greg B.
VST: Austin VST

  • OOC Note: Timeline, Lineage, Noiad Bloodline, and other related details are items only known to those with personal experience with those elements or those who possess the appropriate lore skills.