Grigory Volkov

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"Несмотря на всю мою ярость Я все еще просто крыса в клетке."

Alias: Grig, Vol

Appearance: Grigory has the dark coloration of his Russian blood, those since his change his eyes have taken on a brighter hue. They are the color of ice and steel. A number of tattoos and other modifications are hidden away under long sleeves adn coats but do occasionally peak otu of collars or cuffs.

Notable Traits: Heroic Lineage(Natalia "Patience's Will" Mistaskkin), Bitten, Known Former Kinfolk

Demeanor: Before being bitten, Grigory was steadfast, he served his family as best he could and was happy for his place. Afterwards he has been more erratic, the dual insanities of rat and fang seeming to be at war in the man. He is trying to find his place and it shows.

* Birth: Nov 7th, 1984

* Bitten: August 2018

* Now: Struggling to learn how to live as a rat, after being raised by wolves.

"Something to Say" - Someone
"Something to Say" - Someone
"Something to Say" - Someone

“What sort of gods make rats and plagues and dwarfs?”

- George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons