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“Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.”
― Henry David Thoreau, Walden

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far it is possible to go.”
— T.S. Eliot

Veit ek, at ek hekk vindga meiði á
I know that I hung on a windswept tree
nætr allar níu, geiri undaðr
for all of nine nights, spear-wounded
ok gefinn Óðni, sjalfr sjalfum mér,
and given to Óðinn, myself to my own self,
á þeim meiði, er manngi veit
on that tree that no one knows
hvers af rótum renn.
from what's roots it springs.
— Odin, Havamal

Character Information
Path: Obrimos
Order: Mysterium ••
Legacy: Avatars of the Living Myth (Founder)
City: Seattle, WA Mage
Cabal: The Step Ladder
Consilium: TBD
Player: Logan P
Storyteller: Joseph Narvaez-Jensen

Character Description

Grimnir routinely wears a long blue hoodie and wide-brimmed black Pendleton hat. A patterned cloth is usually covering his neck, over which he wears two pendants; a Valknut and a stylized Mjolnir. He has bright blue eyes, and keeps his head shaved clean. He is often seen with a drinking horn and various pouches hanging from his belt.


Grimnir Awakened some time in the spring of 2012, and was swiftly snapped up by the Mysterium. His mentor, a Thyrsus who called himself Little Raven, vanished during the Icarus Event after only a few months of tutelage. He has spent his efforts since in seeking to gather up the scraps of knowledge left behind by Seattle's Awakened population in the aftermath of the event, and trying to keep himself and his cabal alive and safe, and recover as much as possible of what was left behind or abandoned after the Event before it is lost forever.



Immediate Nimbus

A massive tree of light flares around Grimnir like a halo, seeming to hang behind him and reach out in every direction with branch and root. The sight is accompanied by the creak of a heavily laden rope and the sensation of static electricity skittering over your teeth and under your skin. The scent, and even the taste, of honey and blood linger in the air all around him, bolstering those who drink it in even as they are filled with rage and madness.

Typically, Grimnir's Immediate Nimbus is cloaked by magic and he appears as nothing more than a Sleeper to those who look. When he does walk openly, however, this is the result.

Long-Term Nimbus

Where Grimnir walks, conflict and passion often follow. Poets are inspired where he lingers nearby, and so are conflicts and grudges. Recurring, even prophetic, dreams of conflict and the death and rebirth of the world spread where his Nimbus touches.


I swear, he should have called himself Ghost or something. The guy loves his stealth magic.

He's tried to kill himself before. He's not right in the head.

He wears that scarf all the time because he tricked a werewolf into biting him and it left a nasty scar. I think he thought it would let him shapeshift.

Holy crap, I think he learned to shapeshift. I thought he was Obrimos!

He caused a power outage in Renton a couple of years back. Blew a transformer trying to get to some abandoned cache of Tass or a book or something. From what I hear, though, it worked, so good for him I guess?

He has a glass eye. Look at him some time, tell me I'm wrong!

He'll give up just about anything to learn something new. The problem is convincing him before he just takes it.


  • "Y-you know how it feels when you feel like you're being watched? T-talking to G-Grimnir f-feels like that, l-like he's watching you with some other sense you c-can't see. N-not that he's a bad person! He's just, um, k-kind of intense. I still like him, though." - Spindle
    • "Okay, now that I've known him for a bit, I, um, r-really like him. He's super dedicated to his studies, which is cool, and he's willing to help out just because it's the right thing to do. I m-made him an awesome spear, and I'm teaching him stuff in exchange for solving a problem in my city. I don't have too many people I feel like I can go to, so I'm really grateful for fair partners like Grimnir."
  • "Honestly, I'm unsure if he's a typical or atypical wizard. Considering how quickly he changes his demeanor, however, it's entirely possible he's both." - Lester W Abraham
  • "In serious need of a self preservation instinct." - Tag
  • "It's sooooo fun and refreshing when someone just gets it. I mean, sure, he's got some phenomenally bad ideas that might end horribly. But, really, which of us don't have those, yeah? If I can help get him to become what he's meant to become, and be who he's destined to be, then I'll be there every single step of the way, bad ideas and all." - Susarahm
  • "He's completely mental; for someone so dangerous and capable, he is in serious need of a minder." - Flynn

OOC Information



Issac Vainio, Libriomancer

Daniel Jackson, Stargate SG-1

Player Bio

Player: Logan Platvoet

Player Email:

Storyteller: Joseph Narvaez-Jensen

Storyteller Email:

Location: Seattle, WA