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Information Known by the Garou Nation
Name:Gudbrand Olsen
Deed Name:Gudbrand Fascist's Bane
OOC Information
Storyteller:VST Wales Apocalypse
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Gudbrand Olsen - Fascistiske Banen

Gudbrand Olsen is a Hero of the Garou Nation.

This story is true. Gudbrand Olsen was born in Aarhus, Denmark in 1920. As a young adult he was an observer to the conflict between Nazi Germany and its enemies. He did not participate in the war for he believed his time was best spent fighting enemies of the Wyrm rather than the ranks of the German army. At the conclusion of the Second World War in 1945, Gudbrand Spineripper as he was then known like everyone else recoiled in horror at the stories emerging from Germany and Eastern Europe.

Knowing that there were members of his Tribe who found themselves fighting side by side with the army of the Third Reich, Gudbrand could not sit passively by so volunteered to unite with other Fenrir who betrayed their Tribe and sympathised with the Nazis. Gudbrand was responsible for the execution of several Swords of Heimdall members.

This story is true. Gudbrand Spineripper is a Hero of the Garou Nation. He lead a Pack of Heroes in the liberation of a Prisoner of War Camp. Gudbrand Spineripper lead his all Pack, comprised entirely of Fenrir, to the Camp and discovered the presence of a Black Spiral Dancer Hive underneath the Camp. Armed with his comrades at his side, Gudbrand Spineripper vanquished the Elder Spiral Sept Leader in one-on-one combat before cleansing the Hive entirely of its Wyrmtaint.

This story is true. Gudbrand was blessed to live a life longer than most Garou might expect to live. In recent years, Gudbrand Olsen answered the call of Golgol Fangs-First to come to the Sept of the Hollow Heart. Now an Elder of the Garou Nation, Gubdrand Fascistbane was one of many forces tasked with defending the Sept of the Hollow Heart.

He alongside many other heroes defended the Sept long enough for Golgol Fangs-First to sacrifice himself and initiate the Rite of Still Skies. During the battle Gudbrand suffered an injury that means he is most likely found in his home Sept, seeing to its protection and ushering in the next generation of Garou to be Gaia's Warriors.

He serves as partial justification for the Heroic Lineage Merit for Michael Olsen.

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