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Name: Gunnar

Clan: Gangrel

Lineage: Forn-Einherjar

Generation: Master Elder

Sect: Camarilla

Position: Prince


  • Prince Abiding
    • Authority
    • Commander
    • Sovereign
  • Elder Abiding
    • Confirmed
    • Established
    • Privileged
  • Fleeting
    • Enforcer (Prince Raven)
    • Honorable (Harpy Conall Oblitus)
    • Favored (Luminary Elder Arne)

Notable Traits: Raven feathers; On a Path


  • [August 844 to August 869] Resided on Gotland Island.
  • [August 950 to December 1003] Resided in Iceland
  • [January 1004 to November 1066] Used the ports of Castle Leanna, near Dublin, as a base to raid nearby settlements.
  • [1301 to 1397] Resided in Lisbon, Portugal.
  • [1398 to 1493] Fought in the Anarch Wars against the rebellion throughout Europe and joined the Camarilla shortly after its foundation.
  • [1510 to 1580] Roamed the Baltic Seas region.
  • [1627] Arrived in the British colony of Virginia.
  • [1650] Was the first vampire to arrive in the Owensboro, KY area, which he embedded himself with the Shawnee people.
  • [1660 to 1710] Raided along the Ohio River against those that harmed the Shawnee people or caused harm against the natural environment.
  • [1750] Assisted with the creation of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources through various influences.
  • [1866] Led the war against the Sabbat when they attacked and killed the Prince of Owensboro, KY.
  • [1904] Assisted through various influences with getting Game Wardens as an appointed position by County Judges.
  • [1921] Had some initial conflict with the Giovanni and Followers of Set when they arrived to assist with Prohibition, but an arrangement was agreed upon that prevent continued hostilities.
  • [1976] Traveled to Eugene, Oregon to help Crowly defeat the Sabbat in the area along with other members of the lineage. After our victory the lineage supported Crowly's claim to be Prince.
  • [2002] Opposed the construction of the Natcher Bridge, but wasn't able to garner enough influence to prevent it.
  • [August 2019] Took over the praxis of Owensboro, KY.

Quotes & Rumors

  • Has a severe hatred for the Sabbat and wants the Camarilla to leave the Chicago Blood Accords.
  • It is believed he will pick a fight with anyone that feeds from children or cause harm to the natural environment.
  • "A true and solid warrior whose channeled fury is a terror on the field of battle. One would be wise to not cross this Norseman." - Alain Martel
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Allies, Associates & Rivals


  • Rufus
    • Ikkenai
      • Arne
        • Gunnar (Me)
          • Bjorne (Deceased)
          • Elliot J. aka Jackal
            • Halfthor Gormsson
              • Albert King
          • Crowly
            • Argus
              • Kara

Theme Music


Domain: Owensboro, KY
Player: RayS
VST: Trina Nilson
Location: Owensboro, KY
Template props to Jonathan Felber