Gunnar Bjørnson

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Name: Gunnar Bjørnson
Rank: Elder
Deed Name: Someone Your Own Size
Age: Looks around late 40s. Born in the 1800s.
Current Location: Blacksburg, VA



Gunnar's a big man, and usually grumpy as hell. He typically sports a pair of combat boots, weather jeans, and a t-shirt with his leather vest over it. The leather vest has a biker patch on the back of the Howling Disciples Motorcycle Club, and a large wolf, howling at a full moon. He's rarely out of the company of his closest pack mate, Gambles With Gnosis.


Gunnar doesn't tend to take shit from anyone. Respect is earned, and isn't given lightly. Once earned, he will back you until you do something drastic enough to lose that respect. He is mean as hell, and doesn't go easy on anyone, but goes out of his way to help kids, especially those that are poor and abused.



  • "Others often wonder how we remain such fast friends when they learn that I once challenged him for rank and was failed. In fact, I botched it so badly that he had to come to my rescue; but there's the difference. He came and pulled me from the fire rather than letting me die. Couple that with the similarities in our outlook and demeanor...well. I owe him my life. I failed the challenge fair and square, but because of him I am still here to tell you about it." - Road to Hell
  • "My oldest friend. Literally... he's older than I am and everyone I know. But I've also known him the longest. Like the uncle I always wanted. I'd say don't piss him off, but if you actually manage to, I'm just gonna let it happen. Cause as long as he's not pissed at me, I'm entertained greatly, watching him kick your ass." ~Freja Northman
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  • Pack Name: Howling Disciples MC
    • Totem: Mongoose
  • Members:
    • Gunnar Bjørnson, Pack Leader
      • Gambles With Gnosis - Pack Theurge (Tisha L.)

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