Gunther McAllister

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Gunther McAllister

Notable Traits: Quiet, stoic, speaks very little and keeps to himself. He is ruthlessly loyal and defensive of his pack.

Society: Sabbat

Clan: Brujah Antitribu

Pack: Black Aces

Faction: Ultra Conservatives

Sire: Unknown

Positions: Archbishop of the Pioneer Valley


  • Initiated into the Sabbat
  • Battle Scarred by Valerie Evans Bishop of Kine of the Pioneer Valley,


Gunther has been a member of the Black Aces since just after he became True Sabbat in the early 1980's. He still maintains his original family ties within the McAllister Crime Family in the Pioneer Valley and is know to be consulted on family matters. When asked about his sire or other personal matters he shuns the conversation with those he is not familiar with. Though he is said to be quite trustworthy, the usual passion to gain favor and glory common to the Sabbat seems to be lacking with him. He attends all sermons and Ritae as expected and has never been judged unfaithful. Quite the opposite as some even within the Ultra-Cons find his direct nature to the purpose of the Sword of Caine to be a bit too harsh on occasion.


  • Gunther once punched through a wall to grab someone who changed the music on his radio... I think he went through them too...
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  • "If I were to have an opposite on the Battlefield Gunther would be it. He strikes hard and fast while I get their attention take the hits. I have always said if he and I were one Cainite That Vampire would be near unstoppable! We fight compliment one another very well I'd say in battle and out of battle. I am proud to call him brother!" -Daniel
  • "Gunther is a blade crafted in the most expert of forges, and his strength of will knows no equal. He will be an asset of the Sword until we are entirely victorious... When the Tower crumbles and the progenitors are ashes. Then... Maybe he will speak." - Valerie Evans
  • "A Brother of the battlefield of blood and muscle, I can't see a reason to dislike this Cainite. Yet." - Gabriel Thompson
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OOC Information

Player: Vance Walsh (US2017080046)

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Storyteller: Caroline Tanzi

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Location: Amherst, MA