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Commonly Known Information


Name: Guy Dagenham

Notable Traits: Always smells like blood

Union: Merchant Union

Clan: Gangrel

Covenant: The Transcendentalist Order

Crew: First Mate of the Red Moon (if it even exists)



Guy Dagenham is a myth. He was a man once, but that was so long ago that no one cares to remember. It has been over 2000 years since his embrace, and Guy’s travels have brought him to countless worlds in search of peace, violence, companionship, and a good time. You don’t wander that long without making a few enemies, or without people telling a few stories. When he and Captain James Rexx stole a ship and christened it the Red Moon, his name became synonymous with a legend. The old kind, that spacers still go on about when they're drunk, on on a long haul between planets. He's a little offended when he has to tell people that yes, he is that Guy Dagenham, so he usually doesn't bother, and lets them think what they will.

He made his return to history when he suddenly re-enlisted in the Space Marines after the outbreak of the Silent War. People know him personally again, and Guy is conflicted. There are some things that are meant to be forgotten, and Guy isn’t the person who that name was given to in a small state hospital on Myu so long ago. The kid who just wanted to grow up to be a Marine died in the service, but even the hollow man that retired has been filled with blood and hunger and the ghosts of every life fed to his inner demon. So now he simply exists, a monster with a man’s name. Good drinking buddy, though.


  • Guy is born on March 15, 1783 in the Myu system, and joins the EFMC’s 1st Infantry in 1800 (Ex-marine Origin).
  • Guy was embraced in 1808, after being honorably discharged, by a member of clan Gangrel.
  • 2010: Guy’s sire leaves him for unexplained reasons, and he begins to wander from system to system, alone.
  • 2499: Guy meets Captain James Rexx, and a friendship of the ages is born
  • 2500: Religion is banned in the Core, and Guy and James Rexx take their new ship, the Red Moon, to ply their trade in the Expanse and the Verge, acquiring goods on behalf of the Merchant’s Union.
  • 4030: Guy re-enlists in the EMFC, making a name for himself by serving with his vampirism as an open secret.
  • 4059: When supernaturals are banned from the Core, Guy calls up his captain and returns to a life of piracy.
  • 4117: With a new crew and a new bounty their heads, Guy and the Red Moon head to a faraway corner of the Verge.


Rumors & Quotes

  • ”Occasionally, I give a damn.”
  • ”You are the blood under my nails.”
  • In the cold void between the stars, there be vampires.

Bloodline TBA

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OOC Information

Player: Zach Keyt

Player Email:

Storyteller: Josh Zander

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Location: Des Moines, IA