Hafal Ur

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Character Description

Hafal Ur pic.jpg

Name: Hafal-Ur

Notable Traits: TBD

Society: TBD

Home Port: Wayfinder Station


Gender: Agender

Apparent Age: Mid 30s


Hair: Black

Eyes: Gold



Public Information



FullmoonH.jpgHasn't been properly house trained
FullmoonH.jpgHas a little dragon plushie in their bunk.
FullmoonH.jpgIs a very experienced dog trainer. Even the most nasty mutts learn manners from them.
FullmoonH.jpgHad a favorite moon... but Tristan destroyed it. Yes, Tristan destroys moons too.
FullmoonH.jpgBorn as a wolf. Has always been a wolf. Will always be a wolf.
FullmoonH.jpgNever bathes, except in the blood of their enemies.
FullmoonH.jpgThey have an Alias, and secretly works at Tantra Club.
FullmoonH.jpgIs the most-requested Chameleon Package in Tantra when they're not working. Everyone loves their package.
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FullmoonH.jpg"They're every inch the lycan from the war vids. If it weren't for Elyl I doubt they'd bother pretending to be more than an animal." Evander Katharos
FullmoonH.jpg"Wild, primal and stubborn. Very stubborn. Wouldn't change a thing." Elyl
FullmoonH.jpg"Mine forever, mine alone, mine and even death won't keep you from me." Elyl
FullmoonH.jpg"They're a jerk. But they're my packmate and beware if you forget it." Quasar
FullmoonH.jpg"Very loud." Tristan Katharos
FullmoonH.jpg"Would they have adorable white pups with their mate? Alek
FullmoonH.jpg"Hafal much scarey, much honour, much strong. Iskra think much good friend, much much scary enemy." Iskra
FullmoonH.jpg"Hafal is... Well, let me just say if the Werewolves from my film "Predator's Jungle' were more like them I may not have gotten out alive. They are simply an imposing presence." - Dresden Nightstone
FullmoonH.jpg"Hafal is either going to make me rich by their prowess of battle skill in the Arena or by the cost of Galactic Moonshine consumption. - Alek
FullmoonH.jpg"Great leader, Bad negotiator, Greater warrior." - Axion
FullmoonH.jpg"The first time I met Hafal they scared the life out of me. Shortly after that they called me prey. It is amazing how swiftly who we are changes." - Calli
FullmoonH.jpg"A coward with nothing but boasting and a big mouth, no guts to fight when it counts." - Ehroth

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Friends, allies, and others

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OOC Information

Player: Ariel D.

Story Teller: Kelsey Greene

Location: Missouri

Moons may not be used without permission.