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Information Known by the Garou Nation
Name:Haiyu Xihuang
Deed Name:Ignites the Flames of Unity at Cusp of Dawn,
South Sea Filibuster
Rank:3 Tails (Adren)
Pack:The Menagerie
Breed:Shinjin (Metis)
Sept:Puerto Rico
OOC Information
Player:Tom B.
Player Email:khirsyth@gmail.com
Storyteller:VST Apocalypse
Storyteller Email:mes-virtual-apoc-staff


An attractive Chinese man standing about 5'3", with a slim build. His black hair is shoulder-length, as are the moustache and goatee he sports. His eyes are as black as onyx, with a spark of humor and intelligence, in any form. He prefers to dress in leather and silk, usually a brightly-colored silk shirt matched with black leather pants and vest. The vest is known to conceal a number of throwing blades and shuriken. When preparing for battle, he is seen with a bow and quiver of arrows.

In his natural form, Haiyu is 5'6" with luxurious red-orange fur and a vulpine head. He is no bulkier than in his homid form, though he seems more wiry. His hands and feet are covered with soft black fur, as are the tips of his 3 tails.

In his fox form, he is indistinguishable from a normal red-orange fox with black socks and tail tips, aside from the humor and intelligence in his dark eyes.


Crew and Passengers

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Public Timeline

• March 12, 1814 - Born in Hong Kong to parents Fu and Peng, both Kitsune.
• Sept. 18, 1826 – Undergoes the First Change.
• January 27, 1827 – Having completed his Rite of Passage, wherein he had to settle a territory dispute between a Same-Bito and a Zhong Lung, both of whom wished to claim territory of the same small stretch of beach, he is granted his first Rank on the auspicious first day of the new year. He is given the name “Ignites the Flame of Unity on Cusp of Dawn.”
• Spring, 1827 – Joins Mountain Sentai based on board a sailing vessel named the Muqin di Haiyang. The Sentai’s purpose is to patrol the waters around Hong Kong, working with the local Same-Bito to keep the seas free of the touch of the Centipede.
• 1841 – Haiyu leaves his Sentai and acquires his own ship, putting together a crew of both kinfolk and Hengeyokai. He does this because he wants to oppose the British takeover of Hong Kong, and his sentai does not agree.
• 1841 – 1860 – Haiyu focuses his activities on raiding British ships, particularly those carrying opium. He becomes known as “The South Sea Filibuster” during this period by the British crews he targets.
• 1860 – 1900 – With the Treaty of Tientsin legalizing the opium trade in 1860, is ordered by the Beast Court to stop harassing the British trade, which, while distasteful, is providing some benefit to the local population. He changea his focus, opening up his piracy activities to include Chinese ships flying British flags. He also starts traveling further away from Hong Kong during this time, creating his own trade route (“piracy trail,” in his words) ranging from the southern tip of Russia and following the coastline all the way to Kolkata, India. He occasionally takes on passengers, whether kin or Changing Breed, ferrying them across the Asian coastline.
• 1900-2009 – Continues his activities, primarily along his Piracy Trail, occasionally venturing inland to help the Beast Courts in dealing with threats of the Centipede.
• 2009 – 2016 - Like many Kitsune, he leaves Asia to travel the wider world, taking his crew and latest ship, the Yu Wing Tuanjie (The Vulture of Unity). He travels along the Asian coast, arriving first in the Middle East and heading towards Africa. He meets others, who seek passage to North America. He takes them, and along the way ends up joining the pack known as the Menagerie.





The Yu Wing Tuanjie (The Vulture of Unity)