Hakea Niuhi

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Hakea Niuhi "Pale one"

Clan: Gangrel

Notable Traits: Hakea's skin is pale and rough like the skin of a shark, his mouth is filled with fangs that cannot retract; when he enters frenzy, his eyes dilate to the point that he has no whites just like the lifeless doll eyes of a shark.

Society: Gang - Blood Angels


Trade with the western world brought more than just powder and muskets to the islands of Hawaii, amongst the fleet of trade ships was more than a few kindred. One such kindred took a young warrior from Chief Kamehameha’s army for her lover and on October 8th 1787, embraced him just before her ship departed the islands; the ship’s heading was for the Alaskan Frontier. As with many of the Gangrel clan, the newly sired fledgling was abandoned and given a nearly impossible task; follow his sire, swim after her ship and leave the only world he had ever known. Hakea Niuhi of Kona defied the odds and did just that, reaching the English trade ship “King George” just before dawn; his sire welcoming him with open arms. Upon making port, the two kindred raced into the Alaskan frontier; making their way over the vast lands and heading south. For nearly 30 years, Hakea and his sire moved from one Anarch domain to another; until word reached Hakea of King Kamehameha’s failing health in 1818. With his hazing into the Anarch movement complete, Hakea’s Sire ended his accounting and wished him luck on his travels; he adamantly refused to simply wait for a kine ship, so Hakea swam from California to the Hawaiian islands. True to his word, he stood sentinel over the tomb; never venturing more than a 100 yards for its underwater entrance. At the end of his oath, Hakea sealed the tomb before he returned to the surface for the first time in one hundred years; much had changed since he had last walked among the Kine and the Kindred, himself included. The hundred years in complete darkness had changed Hakea his appearance taking on the traits of the Sharks he used his protean skills to mimic; his skin had turn albino pale and his eyes had become black orbs. The world had changed, the land he had spent his fledging years in had become states; the land of his birth had also joined the United States, though he fought to contain his beast when he discovered the nature in which they had been claimed. After a few years reconnecting and updating himself with the advancement in the Anarch movement and technology, Hakea managed to avoid much of the effects of the great depression by going back to his roots as a mariner; he bought a boat and traveled the world. With the outbreak of WW2, Hakea didn’t wait for the United States or the Anarch movement to get involved. Fighting exclusively in the water, Hakea attacked and sunk smaller vessels of the axis powers and managed to rip the hatch off a U-boat; flooding the compartment, and slaughtering the crew as they tried to escape. Many times when the allies managed to critically damage a large ship, Hakea was circling below ready to drown any axis sailors that ended up in the water. Despite the large number of causalities he did cause, Hakea only takes pride in the lives he saved; rescuing the kine of the allied forces from sinking ships and crashed planes, keeping them afloat and sharks away. After the end of WW2, Hakea returned to the sea; deciding to wonder the oceans as only an oceanic predator can; in doing so he missed many world events. He returned to Hawaii twice in the last 70 years, both times Hakea choose to leave rather than fight the vampires that claimed Hawaii as their own; returning to Hawaii for the third time in 2018, Hakea was pleasantly surprised to find an Anarch stronghold firmly based on Oahu. His only hope is the leadership is strong and worthy, instead of the political cowards he had witness over the passing decades.


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OOC Information

Player: Kaleo A

Player Email: kaleoanderson2@gmail.com

Storyteller: Justin M

Storyteller Email: masqueradehawaii@gmail.com

Location: Honolulu, Hi