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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Henrietta "Thousand Perches" Dawson, aka Hank Perches

Notable Traits: Friendly, flighty, compulsively helpful.

Pack: None at the moment

Society: None decided

Sept: Permanently Between Septs


Henrietta “Thousand “Perches” Dawson; aka Hank Perches Homid Corax Rank 2 Active since 2002

This is the Hank that the Nation knows: compulsively helpful, incredibly friendly, and doesn't seem to mind even when she knows she's being taken advantage of. She shares information enthusiastically and at most only ever asks for a place to crash or a meal before she flies off again. If Hank has a fatal flaw, it’s her belief in her heart of hearts that everyone is basically good and just needs the right impetus to prove that.

But the truth, like most things, is more complicated.

Hank’s been in circulation since her change in 2002. She started as an incredibly promising finder - of basically everything. Information, obscure knowledge, people, Garou, other Fera? Hank was your bird. Between her friendly demeanor, generally helpful nature, and genuine desire to Do Good in this world, Hank was a damn good diplomat and was going places.

Something happened in 2008 and no one - not even Hank - seems to know what. As Caerns started falling in the wake of the Gnostic Plague, Hank had been sent out to scout and then she disappeared, nowhere to be found. Six months later, Hank turns up again - battered, malnourished, and desperately confused. No amount of questioning, interrogating, kindness, or threats managed to cajole the missing six months out of her. The possibility that she’d been co-opted as a spy (or worse) followed her for years after.

Hank’s never quite been the same since. On the surface, she’s still just as cheerful and helpful as ever, but it’s almost nine years since she returned and she hasn’t been able to stay in one place for more than a few days. Memories of those six months never returned and her own day to day memory is a little iffy. She found her optimism again, but now it’s tinged with desperation - she needs to know that everyone is capable of basic goodness and clings to even the thinnest evidence of it. These days, if you need a message delivered, Hank’s incredibly reliable and almost no one is faster... but if you need a building staked out for a week? Call anyone but Hank.

Have you heard?

  • In 2008, Hank was coopted by agents of the Wyrm. She's been cheerfully spying ever since.
    • No, that's not right. She was captured, but escaped. She can't help being what she is.
  • "It’s okay to be privately smug about being the most blessed, but Garou hate to be reminded of it. The best thing to do is simply to fly as much as possible. It honors Gaia, Helios, and Raven… And it makes Garou jealous as hell. Say, wanna stretch your wings a bit?” -- Hank Perches to a fledgling Corax.
  • "And then Hank said fuck that, we'd done our part with the scouting, the garou could handle the fighting, and we should get cocktails instead! I like Hank a lot, she makes a lot of sense." -- Merle le Corbeau explaining the Corax contribution to a particular battle.
  • "I do not know if Hank knows *everything*, but it certainly seems that way sometimes! And you should be careful what you ask her, because she will always tell you truth. The trick is, deciding whether she likes you well enough to tell you the *whole* truth, and *just* the truth!" - Lines of Light
  • "I will never truly understand the Corax, and 'Thousand Perches' is no different. But for all that divides us, I can count on her believing something. I can't say that for many other birds." - Duskcaller
  • "She follows her own time and schedule, but that does not make her unreliable; rather it's quite the opposite. Ignore her at your own cost, for she never brings words without knowledge, and her company is always welcome in my home." - Alistair Cross
  • "Someone more interested in the truth rather than false pride/bravado/victory? And they are not Garou? Color me shocked!" - Elijah "Wicked Laughter" Grayson
  • "You can tell she deals regularly with garou because of that pinched 'gaia give me patience' look in her eyes when she nods and smiles at you being dumb." - Jo Fay-Blair, Let the Daylight In
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Character Ties

For Corax ties, I’m looking for:

Family and friends A handful of birds who still don’t quite trust her anymore, A few who she clings to for a thin thread of stability where she otherwise has none.

I would really enjoy a tie with one who still doesn’t quite trust her, but she attaches herself to them *because* they don’t; she doesn’t quite trust herself, either. This last tie would need to be with someone who is interested in long email scenes in which we delve deeply into our characters’ psyches. Bonus points for anyone who really enjoys email scene minutiae.

For other ties, I’m looking for characters who:

Knew her before and after the 2008 event; Have used her for her message delivering skills Used to come to her for whatever random knowledge used to be packed into her head, but only comes up now at the least useful moments. Would be willing to take Hank in for a night or two and either be offended or not when she flies off without saying anything.

OOC Information

Player: Roo Wetzel

Player Email: ma.sabatier@gmail.com

Storyteller: David Barnhill

Storyteller Email: sfgarou@gmail.com

Location: San Francisco, CA