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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Hannah Packer

Notable Traits:

  • Age: Actual Age 20
  • Born: April 10th 1988
  • Height: 4 Foot 11 Inches
  • Eyes: Green(Glasses)
  • Hair: Short Red/Blonde
  • Weight: 115 lbs.
  • Special Features: Right nostril and septum pierced, upper ear pierced, ears pierced.

Pack: Unbroken Tusks (Totem: Boar)

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

Sept: Sept of Renewed Valor

Sept Position: Master of Rites


This is not known Born in (Location) to Mary and Scott Hinslman in 1988. They brought their bundle of joy home on a rainy night. They loved their daughter fiercely for three short years before she was kidnapped from a playground May of 1991. From then on she was raised by a group of people, she had a nanny and had no clue these people were not her family. As she grew up she learned by taking homeschooled courses the Nanny taught. Making sure she had a grasp on the world. The family liked to hunt and Hannah always asked to go with them, as everyone save the Nanny went. She wanted to take part in the family tradition. The family hunted to put food on their table and sold meats to a butcher shop in the nearby city which was 20 miles away. The family would always say she was too young to hunt but could learn spring traps and other such devices and so she did. She was also taught how to use a rifle and a bow.

Finally on her eighth birthday, the family allowed Hannah to go on a hunting trip. They left shortly after the sun went down and Hannah got to use fancy night vision goggles, she was so excited she chattered the whole drive. However once they reach the parking spot she got quiet not wanting to scare away any animals. She grabbed her tree stand, bow and quiver and followed her father as the rest of the family spread out. Her father put his tree stand up first showing Hannah how it was done. She watched carefully thru the night vision goggles and was soon planting her own feet up a tree to get a good vantage point. It took a long time, forever to Hannah but she didn't mind the waiting. It was part of the game. Finally three does walked into the clearing, Hannah looked at her father and he motioned for her to take out the left one. They both set their sights, watching the does then finally BOOM. Both Hannah and her father fired their guns. It didn't kill the does but wounded them gravely. Her father got down from the tree stand as did Hannah. He told her that their would be a blood trail and she was to follow it and finish the job. So walking down to the clearing she found blood on the left side of the area. She carefully followed the trail, getting lost of couple of times. Swearing she was seeing blurs dashing throughout the forest. She was curious but she had a doe to track. She left ties on the trees so she could find her way back then low and behold the doe was in front of her lying on the ground. She took one second to look into its eyes and shoot. "Dinner." she whispered to herself and picked up the back legs and slowly began to drag the corpse towards the truck. She got so much praise and teasing from her family, she finally felt one of them. Even though they were her family she always felt a bit off...until now.

2006-2010(age 18/22) once she turned 18 in 2006 she was initated into her family. Learning to kill humans for sport, for fun. Once her father could tell the initiation had taken its course, he lifted her and placed her in an oversized chair. He then began to explain what he and his family were. After five minutes each a family member came in the room, making a half moon over the large rug. They were a human pack that hunted their prey, be it animal or human. All her brothers and sisters said humans were better, they put up a fight. It was a lot to take in but the more it made sense, she was after all raised to hunt things. Eventually humans would be on her plate as well.

That night they took her out into the forest they owned and explained how this hunting trip would be different. She would use her senses to ferret out prey, be it a rabbit or a deer. They all watched her reaction as a deer came into sniffing range, she could feel the pull, the "hunger". Quickly as if a reflex she was on the deers trail, her family following at a distance as to not distract the prey but to watch as their newest hunted. She rounded the deer, cutting it off. Next time she would play with her prey.

This round of hunting went on for a few nights, then months. Her "hunger" building and soon enough animal blood didn't quiet down the "hunger", it was time to move onto a more interesting target. Humans. Luckily human hunters had not figured this forest to be owned, so when it was the season they unknowingly trespassed into their territory which meant they were fair game. So easy it was to target the humans, getting a thrill from their fear. Loving their screams of agony. She enjoyed playing mind games with them before taking their life.

Bitten 2010-2013(age 22/25) At first he'd have dragged her out into the middle of the woods without clothes, weapons, or anything man-made. She'd have woken up with a wolf who could talk, after what she probably thought was a nightmare. She'd remember blood, claws, teeth, and undeniable Rage like she'd never felt before. Fell would have explained that the human she'd been was dead. She was a Garou now, a warrior for Gaia. After that I'm sure she'd have questions, probably rebel. Fell would beat her into consciousness with bites and claws. She heals, so he wouldn't worry about killing her. It's damned hard to kill a Garou. She learned to follow Fell's rules because he told her to, not because she saw a differance between guilty and innocent. Sometimes she still kills innocents and has to be reminded thats against the rules.

2013-2017(age 25-29) Still learning the ropes of being Garou, she finally started to visit other carens.



  • Rob Zombie


  • The Long Walk


  • Strange Horror
  • Cult Documentaries


  • Hunting
  • Making bullets
  • Archery
  • Fletching arrows


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Character Inspiration

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  • Wrong Turn(movie)
  • Baby- House of 1,000 Corpses(Movie)


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OOC Information

Player Homepage Brigitte Ames (Dallas)

MES Number US2005106702

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