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Name: Hannah Phillips
Clan: Lasombra
Faction: Ultra Conservatives
Notable Traits:

  • Wears a black dress with flowers on it currently.
  • She seems to be a natural at using her obtenebration.


  • Initiated
  • Battle Scarred by Vox Umbra, Archbishop of San Marcos
  • Loyal by Archbishop Astraea of Athens, GA
  • Battle Scarred by Josef, Bishop of War of Martinique


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  • Born in 1995
  • Embraced in July of 2017
  • Initiated into the Sword of Caine in Austin July 2017

Information Known by Kindred Society

Information Known by Lore: Clan Lasombra

  • She's an abyss mystic.
  • She's inhumanly beautiful.
  • Her actual sire, Fernando Arroyo was crazy. He was put down in Austin and she escaped when they burned his haven down.


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  • "She speaks to shadows."
  • Additions Welcome


  • "Young, hungry for knowledge, and learns quickly. She knows where to come if she needs help with matters of the Clan, and I shall not turn her away if she comes seeking me." - Kelly Pythia
  • "Youth has her in it's grasp, a curious nature with a heart that has yet to earn it's first razor edge. I trust she will do well, that just leaves me to clear her path as her Packmate." - Gabriel Thompson
  • "She is young but she is eager. I see great potential in her." - Vivian Kittrell
  • "I don't know what this girl's been drinking, but part of me wants a 6-pack of it. The other part of me doesn't want that shit anywhere near me." - Montana Solano
  • "Are you telling me a mostly drugged 2 week old fledgling is more capable of avoiding hunters than an archbishop and a pack of Caine?" --- Darius Escarra discussing Hannah
  • "Let me get this straight. She was embraced by Arroyo, was in the house when it caught fire, managed to get past the supposed hunters and ALSO a pack of cainites that were there? Sounds like she has potential. Induct her into the Sword." - Archbishop Herrera when presented with Hannah's story.
  • "How she managed to avoid being blooded like a True Sabbat for several months after her embrace, I have no idea. That said, she has quickly rectified her mistake. We made sure of it." - Archbishop Astraea
  • "Prone to having a timid nature and nervous responses, one day she'll learn to overcome those traits and use them to her advantage. She's survived this long, I see her becoming a truly formidable investigator ... in a century or so." - The Flayed Man
  • "Her youth has served her well, though it will fade in time and when that happens, mate I would not be her adversary." - Captain Edwarde Daniels
  • "Bright and dedicated. I cannot wait to see what this one becomes." - Dacia Bratovich

Feel Free to add any you would like!


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  • Sire: Fernando Arroyo

Character Soundtrack


"Beware the savage cry that rends the night, the seething form that swallows earthy light.. the gleaming claws that carve the nightly feast, for nothing saites the endless hunger of the shadow beast..."

"There's a lesson that we learn in the pages that we burn. It's written in the ashes of the fire below."

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