Hannah Rhiannon Smyth

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Hannah Rhiannon Smyth

Commonly Known As: Rhi, or Hannah.

Notable Traits: Striking Looks.

Type: Changeling

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Playmate

Court: Spring

Notable Information: Fame 1


  • May 16th, 1995. Hannah was born in Melbourne, Australia. Her life up was very mundane, and a year after the Ten Second War, and at age 17 she was discovered at her local mall.
  • 2016. Hannah was 19. She was technically an adult, but she was lured into the Hedge, and scooped up by her keeper. Her keeper took very good care of her, she became almost "Poison Ivy-like" very.. one with plants sort of thing. But she was ever the companion to her keeper. Just a pretty thing that was in her gilded cage.
  • 2018. What felt like ages, Hannah now swapping between her first and middle name to introduce herself, not like it mattered. Hannah/Rhiannon had been her keeper's loyal companion. But then.. things went to chaos.. and she just wandered out of Arcadia and into the Hedge. It was then she found her fetch quite easily, talking them into something... else.
  • 2018. Recently she has resurfaced in New Zealand, living with family there. Doing what, who knows?


  • "A new face, curious and eager to learn it would seem. Though perhaps limited on self-perception. I don't blame her, most who escape have difficulty with self-identity in the early times." - Kunit
  • "New ones? Here? What a terrible time to be new. I hope they survive the war so I can get to know them when they aren't so new." - Temujin
  • "'All I am is pretty.' You're much more than that. You just need to find it. Take this time and this new life to make of your life what you want." - Sable Reynard
  • "something something.." - Your name here


  • A single raised eyebrow and a flip of her hair once struck a man dead in his tracks. His last words were "Well, actually..."
  • Is said to be the 'literal embodiment of spring'.
  • Rumor here.

OOC Information

Player: Rhianne N.

Player Email: jdchicago1989@gmail.com

Storyteller: David M.

Storyteller Email: mes-virtual-codx-staff@googlegroups.com

Location: Chicago, IL.