Haralt Brynjarsen

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Haralt Brynjarsen fra Oslo

  • Embrace date: C. 753 CE
  • Generation: 7th Generation
  • Clan: Gangrel
  • Sire: Brynjar Hrafnsen
  • Sect Affiliation: Camarilla
  • Current Location: Los Angeles, California)
  • ST Point of Contact:Jacob Bieber
Inner court of Palazzo Genovese in Salerno.jpg

Physical Description

Haralt is a tall, broad man for his time though his gaunt features betray a slight frailty from a sickly youth. His hair, following his embrace turned black as the nights, flecked with a few strands of grey. His eyes give a subtle yellow luminescence, pupils cat-like. He often wears a heavy cloak or hooded vestment to hide his facial features and blend into the shadows. From underneath the shadows of his cowl comes a wry, prankish smirk, seeming to put forth the punchline of a joke only he knows. His calloused hands are often wrapped tightly around a walking stick.

Brief History

Born to a proto-Slavic mother and Nordic father, Haralt lay between two worlds. From an early age, it was obvious the boy was Godstouched, and despite the falling fashion of the Seidr and Rodnovery (Wedmak) amongst men, he excelled in the rituals and sage work they required. He was Embraced by his Sire for his gifts, despite his line's general distrust of magicks and religion. Haralt reconciled this with the frequent boast that his religion was no religion, as he required no faith to know that his Gods were true. His ability to spin tales named him as a Skald early after his Embrace and he became a foremost authority in the Gangrel of Scandinavia prior to the High Middle Ages. His visions and words moved some Viking tribes to perform raids against Christman interlopers following the their desecrations of Nordic holy sites.

Current Status

Haralt wanders, but never long from home. In recent decades, he has spent overseeing Oslo and doing what he could to preserve the natural order near the city. He has little interest in mortal affairs, feeling himself ever detached from then even while living. His eyes are always focused on the Otherworld, a world of spirits, gods, and ghosts. Though staunchly Camarilla, he sees his affiliations more as a marriage of convenience and for safety than any true love. He remains out of politics and even though he has been elicited to be a Harpy, having been a gifted Skald, Primogen, having been a wise seer and natural, if eccentric, leader, and Sheriff, for his prowess, in his time, he has turned down the opportunities, seeing them as obstacles and distractions from his goals to understanding this world and the next.

Though in recent nights, he has shifted his focuses and did accept, begrudgingly, the position of Primogen of Clan Gangrel as they stood on the precipice of returning to their pillar status and