Harold Islington

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Name: Harold Islington

Merits: Reputation, Personal Masquerade

Abiding Status: Acknowledged, Enforcer, Privileged

Position: Sheriff of Denver

Coterie: Cazadores de la Oscuridad

Code of Honor:

"Swear thy heart to virtue, And thy passion to duty. Swear thy word to truth, And thy sword to defend. Swear thy fury to evil, And over evil thou shalt prevail."


πŸœ› TBD

πŸœ›πŸœ› Armand de Calibor

πŸœ›πŸœ›πŸœ› TBD

πŸœ›πŸœ›πŸœ›πŸœ› Harold Islington

πŸœ›πŸœ›πŸœ›πŸœ›πŸœ› TBD



πŸœ› 1543 - Born.

πŸœ› 1596 - Embraced.

πŸœ› 1609 - Left accounting.

πŸœ› 1610-1685 - Joined Jerahmeel (known then as Noah) in hunting demons.

πŸœ› 1853 - Moved to Denver.

πŸœ› 1882 - Traveled to San Francisco to study oni, swordsmanship, and other matters.

πŸœ› 1898 - Returned to London to develop Bartitsu with Edward William Barton-Wright

πŸœ› 2017 - Returned to Denver.


Harold "Harry" Islington (originally Harold of Islington) is a warrior-scholar long dedicated to combating the truly evil threats of the world. Originally from the Islington borough of London, he now resides in Denver with his grandsire and their coterie, pursuing the latest threats while integrating in the local Camarilla culture. Harry is hard-pressed to suffer foolish infighting, bullies, and machinations that do not serve his greater goals - those being opposing Infernalists and their creatrues, along with learning all he can about a world that can never be truly, fully known. As well, his embrace coming late in his life, while retaining his wealth of knowledge, left him less-than-peak physically.

A Letter

Harold Letter.PNG


πŸœ› ”Harry's a big softie, which feels like a weird thing to say about the man whose giving demon-worshippers nightmares.” – Baby

πŸœ› "I like Harry. He actually makes sense, where most of these folks in Denver don't." - Maggie Turing

πŸœ› "Signature Move, Flask Punch of Doom!" - Hope

πŸœ› "My degree of familiarity with Mr. Islington is that I call him Harry. You can take that to mean whatever you like." - Ellory Langley

Masquerade PC

Player: Sean P.F.
Sire: TBD
Clan: Brujah
Generation: 9th
Sect: Camarilla
City: Denver
Local Storyteller: Raymond Bruels III


πŸœ› "The Sheriff of Denver seems more concerned with getting things done, even it means disregarding the hallowed traditions of proper behavior in our fair society."

πŸœ› "Harold of Islington? He's some kind of demon hunter, right? A real White Hat kind of guy."

πŸœ› "That Harry sure has got a lot of friends in the Tremere and Gangrel. And it seems like he's been hanging out with Caitiff too!"