Harry Gunvaldsson

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Harry Gunvaldsson

Deed Name: Howls-Down-the-Storm

Notable Traits: Fame 1 (Lead Singer, The Talons)

Positions: Talesinger

Pack: N/A

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

Sept: Sept of the Desert Wind

Rank: Adren


In his mind, Harry Gunvaldsson should not have been a Garou.

It was his older sister who underwent the First Change, not him. His older brother went into the military, using it as a springboard for training for a Get-aligned PMC staffed mainly by Kinfolk. As the son of a warrior Theurge in the Fangs of Garm and a Kinfolk professor of folklore, Harry got it into his head that, as the third child, he had more freedom in his role. While he trained in the arts of arms and defense, he also threw himself into LA's punk scene, trying to find a way to raise spirits and rally souls among the young and discontented. He found other Get Kinfolk with similar goals. They formed the Talons, a band that got that mild degree of success associated with your song getting played at sports games. Together, they worked on finding the right ways to get both mortals and Garou to stand firm against the Apocalypse.

And then the Apocalypse came for Harry. First, there was the death of his sister in the failed defense of LA's Sept against the Dark Brigade. Then, there was the death of his mother at the Sept of the Crescent Moon. Within the space of a few years, there were no Fenrir Garou in Los Angeles. With other Fenrir too busy putting out fires across the Nation, Harry's older brother Frederick put together a council of Kinfolk, serving as leader while Harry and his band mates stayed on the fringes.

But then, after a few years of very mild success, Harry and his buddies got in a fight with some Nazi skinheads after a show at the House of Blues Anaheim. And well into his mid 20s, Harry Changed. After cleaning up and dealing with his shock, Harry reluctantly adopted a leadership role among LA's Kinfolk, though his duties watching over the large number of Kin meant he was somewhat divorced from Sept politics.

At least, until a bigger obligation came along. The Sept of the Desert Winds, under the watch of Fenrir Elder Incinerates-the-Wyrm, was coming together, and Harry made frequent trips out to oversee its construction. When Incinerates died in battle during the attempt to seed the caern, Harry came to the funeral - and was invited by the Alpha to serve as Talesinger, as even though he was a Fostern, he was the only qualified Galliard in the area. Once again thrust into a position of responsibility, Harry has somewhat more willingly taken it, hoping that he won't shit the bed.


  • He's actually Bitten; he's just really good at hiding it.
  • His brother fucking hates him for undergoing the Change.

OOC Information

Player: Justin S.

Player Email: jstnsearles@gmail.com

Storyteller: Darold Morris

Storyteller Email: last.refuge.dst@gmail.com

Location: San Bernardino County, CA