Harry-the-Devil-for-if-Jesus-Christ-had-not-died-for-thy-sins-thou-wouldst-be-Damned Massey

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Harry Massey
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For in spite of all temptations / To belong to other nations / He remains an Englishman

Information known by the Camarilla

Name: Harry-the-Devil-for-if-Jesus-Christ-had-not-died-for-thy-sins-thou-wouldst-be-Damned Massey


Harry, circa 1824. The moustache has seen been shaved

OOC Information

Kit C.


London, UK

Notable traits: Arcane, Whisper of Life; speaks with an English accent; has a large M branded into his right thumb

Apparent age: Early 30s

Clan: Ventrue

House: House Asher

Based: London, United Kingdom

Social class: Elder

Offices held: Primogen, Praetor of London (Ventrue only)

Personal motto: Auspicio Sanguinis

Abiding status: Acknowledged, Confirmed, Established, Privileged

Fleeting status: Favored, Warned

The lineage of:

At this moment I stand astonished at my own moderation


Harry-the-Devil-for-if-Jesus-Christ-had-not-died-for-thy-sins-thou-wouldst-be-Damned Massey was born to a Puritan family in the wilds of East Anglia, near Ely, in the 17th century. Parish records show his father was a merchant and records a sister, Prudence, as the only other sibling to survive past infancy. He fought for the King in the English Civil War and was embraced during the Commonwealth period of the 1650s, by which time he had gained a large branded M on his thumb.

For the next 200 years, Harry was part of the Honourable East India Company, which led him on behalf of House Asher to trade in saltpetre and opium out of Calcutta. After the Indian Mutiny of 1857 he became acquainted with Penelope Cole-Painswick and later was her adopted sire. He resided for a time in England before returning to the far east, first to Hong Kong (except during the second world war) and then, before the handover, back to India.

Historical timeline

  • 1626 Born in Wicken Fen, Cambridgeshire
  • 1642 Fights for the Royalist side in the first English Civil War
  • 1650 Joins the East India Company
  • 1657 Embraced
  • 1702 Harry's sloop Carmarthen stolen by Mischief in what she describes as 'a little mutiny'
  • 1709 Sire Giancarlo Sforza meets final death
  • 1710 Departs England for Bombay (Mumbai), India
  • 1755 Moves base to Calcutta (Kolkata)
  • 1858 Leaves India following the Indian Mutiny
  • 1858 Encounters Penelope Edith Cole-Painswick
  • 1888 Relocates to Hong Kong
  • 1996 Relocates to Kolkata
  • 2017 Returns to London

Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?

Coffee house gossip


  • The thumb brand has something to do with a wacky religious cult
  • Harry's ridiculous name is something to do with a wacky religious cult
  • Harry made a killing in the South Seas Bubble of 1711 and hasn't let anyone forget it since
  • Massey is the reason the British controlled India in the first place
  • All that Ventrue propriety is just a cover for massive party animal
  • Harry has several adopted childer
  • Harry doesn't know how to embrace
  • Harry has a Roman legionary tattoo on his arm... a bit strange for someone who claims to have been born in the 17th century

Quotes by others

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OOC inspiration

  • Terrance Stamp
  • Lord Cutler Beckett, Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Dennis Reynolds, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Archibald Cunningham, Rob Roy

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