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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Harry Rex Harris

Deed Name: Brother's Keeper

Rank: Anthro

Auspice: Midnight

Pack: Beta Rho Omicron

Sept: Hope's Resurgence



April 30th, 1980 – The last of the British colonial officials leave Southern Rhodesia as it transitions to the independent State of Zimbabwe. Alistair and Jane Harris move to Atlanta, GA. USA to work at the consulate there.

July 4th, 1984 – Harry is born in Atlanta making him both a British and American citizen.

May 17th , 2003 – Harry graduates high school

August 1st, 2003 – Both of Harry’s parents die in a car wreck. Harry is involved as well, but instead of dying his first change is triggered.

August 17th, 2003 – Harry moves to the University of Florida as planned

August 20th, 2003 meets Kyle Waters who recognizes his shifter nature. He introduces Harry to Derek Brooks, Crystal Anderson, and Jackie Love and the four form a makeshift pack quickly growing closer.

July 4th 2004 – Harry makes his first rank challenge - Having to guide the other fera through the Umbra while managing their various personalities earning him the deed name Brother’s Keeper.

June 3rd, 2006 – Harry graduates from collage and the pack decides to stay to get their PhDs/JD

June 9th 2007 – Harry earns his masters degree in Sociology with a focus in Gerontology

June 1st 2009 – Kyle has his first change and begins his Long Swim

December 9th 2009 – For his second rank challenge Harry must broker a deal between two bickering spirit courts

January 1st 2011 – Kyle returns from his Long Swim. The pack celebrates for days.

May 14th 2011 – Harry receives his degree in Sociology/Thanatology

October 20th 2014 – Harry travels informing others about the new Bitten Wyld Plague ending several tense confrontations and earning his third rank.

July 14th , 2017 – After traveling around for a while doing various research Harry brings his pack back to Atlanta



Harry was born to two British consultant employees who moved to Atlanta, GA after the colonial structures were pulled out of Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. Growing up unaware of the supernatural, Harry led a mundane life until shortly after his high school graduation. Driving the back Georgia roads on a family outing, his father spun out and careened off-road. The crash killed his parents instantly, but instead of dying, Harry’s first change was triggered. Harry was frightened and unsure. Not know what to do or what had happened to him, he clung to the plans he had made before his parents’ death. So, Harry returned home, and days later started the drive down to Gainesville, just like he had planned with his parents. Upon arrival, Kyle Brooks, who was then a kinfolk, discovered Harry, along with the others, and urged them for form a pack. The group quickly grew close together and each helped the others adjust to their new lives as Gaia’s chosen. Learning what they could from the local spirits, the group fell together and formed a pack that helped them finish their degrees (Harry ended up with his PhD with concentrations in Gerontology and Thanatology).

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OOC Information
Player: Joshua Graham US2003071807

Player Email: scion.of.phobos@ gmail.com

Storyteller: Mike Boaz

Storyteller Email: apocalypsevst@atlantaworldofdarkness.org

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