Harry Saintclaire

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Harry Saintclaire

Apparent Age: 26

Deed Name: Fragile Bones

Rank: Adren

Pack: Sol Invictus

Breed: Homid

Tribe" Children of Gaia

Auspice: Theurge

Sept: The Sept of the White Fields

Notable Traits: - A curved scar on his forehead he acquired in the Flux


Harry “Fragile Bones” Saintclaire is a Child of Gaia Theurge who is a young man with an old body and soul. He grew up in among other werewolves and kinfolk, rich with family and friends to teach him the ways of a Healer. Even with this teaching, he himself has always been prone to minor injuries which has whittled away at his health. After his first change, one week after his 18th birthday, he left to find a new pack, seeking to help others and to teach them the ways of a healer. While trekking for 6 years across America which he called his "Major Hermitage". He joined the Sept of the White Fields a few years ago . He has gone on "mini-hermitages" around the area since.


  • Has been seen around local drug dens
  • He has rarely talked about his family or events before his "Main Hermitage"
  • He came to Sept beaten and bruised just after the battle of Mt. Tom, now when ever some one asks, he seems distant and mutters about a Corax names Edgar.

OOC Information

Player: William "Jack" Gallagher

Player Email: Wgallagher@umass.edu

Storyteller: Joshua C Smith

Storyteller Email: sunderedlands.apoc@gmail.com

Location: Springfield, MA, MA-005-D