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Toshio Unimpressed

Information Known by the Garou Nation

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Name: Hattori Toshio

Deed Name: Toshio

Type: Kitsune

Breed: Roko (Foxborn)

Auspice: Gukutsushi (Philodox)

Rank: Kiko (Fostern)

Titles: Lord

Notable Traits: Appears to be in his Mid to Late Twenties, is exceptionally attractive.

Pack: Fox's Kindled Ford

Sept: Sept of Traveller's Respite, Saint John, N.B. Canada


Chibi Toshio.png

Gender: Male

Apparent Age: 26+

Height: 5'9"

Hair: Glossy Black with faint auburn sheen in the light

Eyes: Hazel

Build: Average

Sambuhenge Form: As homid, but with a slightly elongated face nearing a grinning maw, stronger build, and a trio of crimson furred tails.

Koto Form: A large, red-furred Werefox, a pale white-furred mark across his left shoulder as if from an old scar, with three tails.

Juko Form: As Kyubi, but about the same size as a wolf, retaining the sleek vulpine elegance one expects from a fox.

Kyubi Form: An average-sized fox with red fur and a trifecta of bottlebrush tails and a white patch of fur over his left foreleg shoulder, otherwise indistinguishable from a regular fox.


Basic Timeline:

  • Born somewhere between Kyoto and Edo, Japan: Roughly around and thus celebrated as 12th August 1858
  • First Change: 5th September 1859
  • Spent early years learning from other Kitsune alongside his adopted sister, Ginsumi, an Eji Roko who shared his foster vixen
  • Joined the Edo August Court of the Emerald Mother in 1865 upon being given and taking the name Toshio
  • Began travelling the Courts to learn and see many different ways and lifestyles, while in Hokkaido was given the nickname Hattori for his swordsmanship and etiquette.
  • After a stint as an informal messenger and agent of his Court, he was elevated to the role of Mandarin within the August Courts of the Emerald Mother.
  • Grew in Rank and Position over the years until leaving the East in 2009 as a high ranking Mandarin and Elder Mirror as the Courts called the Gukutsushi.
  • Travelling gradually further westward, accepted this was a new beginning and the ways of the past were important but not the ways of these lands, and decided to begin anew as a Cliath as the Nation called the rank.
  • Feeling sufficiently educated on the ways of the Garou and their Nation, challenged for and reclaimed the rank of Fostern in the Americas, after a conversation with the Master of Challenges no new Deed Name was given.
  • Arrived in Saint John, New Brunswick Canada in the Summer of 2016 after hearing a call for Gaian's to reclaim the lands and rebuild with a new Shard Caern granted by the Sanctum of Gaia Sept in the North.
  • Performed Rite of Acceptance for his now home Sept in June of 2016
  • Formed the Pack of Fox's Kindled Ford with Ginsumi, the Stargazer called Granny these days, Ivory Black of the Children of Gaia and Billy of the Silent Striders by November of 2016


  • Personally holds the area around his home in an exclusive gated community outside of Saint John, also is the deed owner of the territory of the Caern and for some distance around it as well as a pair of homes. One of which is constantly being updated and upgraded to better accomodate the disparate tastes and needs of the Gaians of the Sept of Traveller's Respite.


  • Often gleeful and happy, sometimes called goofy and foolish, but displays wisdom and gives aide and guidance to all.
  • Has taken it upon himself to deal with difficult situations more than once, often being aided only as others follow after without being bidden.
  • Solitarily approached, infiltrated, and made a pointed assault upon a Wyrm's Nest with over 2 dozen Spirals, including a pair of Elders. With the timely arrival and departure of his Septmate, Rabbit, was able to reclaim the body of the fallen Warder of the Sept before further dark rites could be performed or other experiments on the body.
  • Dodges like a ninja and makes for an excellent fox missile!

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  • "I'm realizing that foxes are bouncy by nature and it is in their core DNA to be that way. Not sure I was able to keep up with his bounding everywhere, wonder if I can get him to sit in one place and hold a longer conversation. Curiosity. Mostly to get to know him better." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "Good dirtshifter, has interest in ways of others not just laws. And wants to ride a Rokea... yea" Shipsinker
  • " One could not ask for a dearer and wiser philodox in a packmate, he speaks great wisdom, but is also filled with caring." - Granny
  • " Amazing in a fight- which is awesome - But I don't think i have ever smiled as much as I did watching him and Valen in fox form at the caern." - Raine SafeGuard

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  • [ Toshio's Themes (Playlist)]
  • Fall Out Boy - Immortals
  • Queen - Who Wants to Live Forever?


Player: Michael Berthiaume (aka Bee)

Storyteller: Chris Fougere

Location: OOC Saint John, N.B. (Canada).