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Death may be the greatest of all human blessings

OnyxPath-Red Talons.png OnyxPath-Philodox.png

Name: Haunts-the-Forest

Breed: Lupus

Tribe: Red Talons

Auspice: Philodox

Rank: Adren

Sept: Sept of the Reach

Sept Position: None

Known as Honorable

First appearance deceives many


Lupus: Haunts is a ruddy wolf, dyed by Gaia like fallen leaves turning brown at the end of autumn. He has a shock of carrot-colored fur over his nose and deep maroon highlights under his eyes. As yet untested in a true battle he bears few scars beneath his pelt, all from the everyday hazards of wild living. His body, though middle-age for an ordinary wolf, is still in the prime of its Garou youth.

Homid: Taking no care to blend in with his human surroundings, Haunts dresses in whatever he can easily acquire that feels comfortable enough to move in. This usually translates to a long, loose peasant skirt, a men's dress shirt, and a ragged vest, with occult trinkets strewn on to ward off anyone who might still mistake him for normal. He makes a habit of painting his human face to match the brightest colors of his wolf's.

I have never wished to cater to the crowd; for what I know they do not approve, and what they approve I do not know.

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Haunts is a gateway drug, a will-o’-the wisp-whose gentle questions lure cubs off the tribal paths their elders set for them - not that he sees himself that way. Born to a wolf mother and Momo, a Lupus Philodox like himself, Haunts is following his father’s lead in beating back the Wyrm by preparing the next generation to fight the way Gaia intended.

Haunts doesn't make a secret of his origin or his goals: He's a Red Talon from the Northeast who's chosen to wander to seek out wisdom from other Garou. He has an unusually close relationship with spirits for one of his tribe and Auspice. Although he asks others to share more about themselves and their opinions than he offers them, it comes from a genuine desire to learn and to teach.

Known History:

2010: Born to Momo and SoftPelt as part of a litter of five.

2016: First Change

2016: Earns his deed name by expelling a logging company from his forest

2016: Elects to wander the world rather than join his father’s pack

2017: Joins the Olympia Sept

2017: Speaks before the Grand Concolation in Austin, Texas, and is declared Honorable by Queen Sabine

2017: Completes his Adren challenge, earning the new name of Walks-With-Giants, then moves to Seattle

Talk To Haunts If:

...you need a fresh perspective.

...you need a spirit-talker and you’re out of Theurges.

…you have unsolicited fashion advice.

...you were raised by wolves.

My first thought was, he lied in every word

Rumors About Haunts:

  • Haunts is traveling to link together a network of Winter Packs
  • He's pretty nice...for a Red Talon
  • He once delivered an hour-long lecture on how the live-action remake of The Jungle Book is “an elaborate piece of human-centric propaganda”
  • (Add your own if you've got one.)

Quotes About Haunts:

  • "Haunts is one of the least asshole Red Talons I know. Trying to teach him about the human world is an exercise in patience." Sasha Marikova
  • "He's well spoken for one of his tribe. Haunts the Forest uses his honeyed words to lull you into thinking he's sympathetic. But his questioning is always set up to lead his subject by the nose to his predetermined conclusion. He does this under the auspices of seeking to understand anther's perspective but really he's just as set in his ways as all the other Talons I've met." Catalin Corbeanu
  • "Keen. Earnest. The first traces of wisdom are in his speech and step. If I have more cause for hope, it is because he has caused it to grow in my heart." Duskcaller
  • "My son's words filled me with pride and hope for our future." Momo
  • "Let's phrase philosophy like a fight. The average Red Talon is up in your face, snarling, visible. This one is waiting in the darkness, seeming like no threat until it's too late. He'll talk to me pleasantly enough, but I always need to watch what I say or that trap will spring." Ex Machina
  • "A strong thinker. A swift mover. A strong ally in battle or game. I am glad to call him ally, and hope one day to call him 'friend.'" — Hush
  • "Like all are judges of The Tribe, His Battlefield is through debates and sharp wits. His Words cut deeper then any fang or claws. But Yet you learn from them and gain insight and wisdom, My Tribesmen is truly worthy of Griffins brood." Eater-Of-Bears

Quotes From Haunts:

  • “So the words I’d use to address the mayor from most to least respectful are: Mayor Goodman; Mr. Goodman; John; Mayor Shitweasel; and Shitweasel?”
  • To a Corax: “Is Jim Crow one of your relatives?”

What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.

The catatonic piano

Theme: Clint Eastwood
Philodox: Demon Lover
Red Talons: Who Are You, Really?


Player: Toby G.

MES Number: US2015100131

Domain: Seattle, WA

VST: Peg B.

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