Hawk's Bloody Claws

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Hawk's Bloody Claws.jpg
Information Known by the Garou Nation
Name:Oliver Knight
Deed Name:Hawk's Bloody Claws
Rank:Athro ●●●●
Sept:Oak Vale
Tribe:Silver Fangs
Society:Sanctum of Gaia
House:Austere Howl
Lineage:Knight - Legendary Lineage
Camp:Sun Lodge
Innate:●● Glory, ● Honor, ● Wisdom
Abiding:● Honor, ● Wisdom
Fleeting:● Glory, ● Honor
OOC Information
Player:R Draper
Storyteller:VST Email

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Master Oliver Knight, Scion of House Austere Howl

"Hawk's Bloody Claws" is the Wyrmfoe of the Sept of the Oak Vale based in Angelsey, Wales. He took on the role in December 2017 following the resignation of Grey Fur.

Oliver is a known Master of hand-to-hand combat and one of the most proficient Generals the Silver Fang Tribe has in its membership. He is known for being a fierce supporter of the Sanctum of Gaia, its founder Queen Sabine "Silver Swift" and of the legacy of the Silver Fang Tribe.


  • 1984: Born.
  • 2001: Rite of Passage - Iron Will. Confirmed "Talon's Example"
  • 2003: Fostern Challenge - Monster Hunt. Confirmed "Falcon's Defender"
  • 2006: Adren Challenge - Hostage Situation. Confirmed "Eagle's Might"
  • 2009: Athro Challenge - Dogfight. Confirmed Hawk's Bloody Claws
  • 2017: Assumes Wyrmfoe of Sept of the Oak Vale. Awarded 'Honorable' Fleeting Renown by Talesinger, Naomi "Reads the Threads" O' Mannion in Much Change and a Fight.

Quotes and Rumours


  • Robert Catesby, Gunpowder
  • Rhaegar Targaryen, Game of Thrones
  • Richard Sharpe, Sharpe
  • Marc Anthony, Rome
  • Balian the Blacksmith, Kingdom of Heaven


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