Hayden Mycroft

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Elder Hayden Mycroft of San Diego

Known Information
Name:Hayden Mycroft
Notable Traits:Machiavellian Prodigy
House:House Kincaid
Sire:Franklin Hendricks - Deceased
City:San Diego, CA
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OOC Information
Player:Matt Rogers
Player Email:Email Me
Storyteller:Cameron McCoy
Storyteller Email:San Diego C/A VST
Location:San Diego, CA
“Remember that the danger that is most to be feared is never the danger we are most afraid of.“ ~ Andrew Lang



Hayden has served Clan Tremere and the Camarilla faithfully for well over a century as an occultist expert and instructor. Whenever things get a bit weirder than most kindred can handle, Hayden is likely to have taken an academic interest. Most of his time as a Kindred has been spent in the Northeast region of the United States where he presided as headmaster at a school for students with special talents. He tends to be reclusive by nature, though within the past year though he has been in San Diego serving first as Primogen for Clan Tremere, then as Prince. Recent events though have removed him from the Praxis by the Primogen Council due to perceived apathy while abroad fighting the Unblinded Brotherhood. Shortly following the ouster, tragedy occurred in Point Loma and Elder Hayden is presumed to be dead or missing at this time.

Requiesce in pace: Final Death on September 14th, 2019

Status & Standing

Former standing within the Camarilla

Former Abiding Status

  • None

Former Fleeting Status

  • Triumphant
  • Loyal
  • Loyal
  • Courteous
  • Honorable

Former Innate Statuses Confirmed, Established, Priviledged as Elder

Tremere Only

  • Former Rank: Apprentice of the 7th Circle of Mastery
  • Societus Necromantae


  • Your quote here - You
  • "He took down the Czar in the most Tremere way possible, and then claimed praxis, which wasn't very Tremere of him." - Lord Doctor Conner Villanueva
  • "He served his Clan, his Sect, and his City with distinction and in the end was just another sacrificed pawn in the great game." - Anonymous

Known Circles

  • Liam Kincaid
  • Celeste Beauchamp
  • Ragnar Bjornson
  • Tony De Luca


Rumors, lies and half-truths

  • As a young teenager, Hayden miscast a ritual that unleashed a disastrous force that killed his parents, 4 neighbors, 15 cows, and an English bulldog.
  • Hayden is almost always seen wearing blue surgical gloves.
  • He does not shake hands... ever.
  • Called Prince Turn and Cough by Anarchs.
  • HUGE Firefly fan! His favorite character is Kaylee.
    • Actually the reason the series was canceled because everything has always been the Tremere’s fault.
  • Has an arch-rival who happens to be a technomancer.
  • Would rather be reading a good book than dealing with the politics of being Prince.
  • Speculated to be have been murdered by Alex Temple or Murielle O'Conner for attempting to influence who the next Prince would be.
  • Also speculated to have been murdered by the Unblinded Brotherhood for refusing any form of armistice with their faction.


  • He is devoted to Clan Tremere and will gladly sacrifice his life if need be in order to safeguard it and its members - not for moral reasons, but simply out of utilitarian pragmatism.



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