Hears Spirits

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Birth Name: George (Jake) Flynn

Deed Name: Hears Spirits

Notable Traits: Cloudy white eyes. Unkempt appearance. Mutters quietly to himself, and it usually sounds like he's arguing with someone.

Pack: "TBD"

Camp: Redeemers of The Bitter Frost What? That's not a thing.

Sept: The Somnambulant Tide


Jake Flynn usually appears as a tall, overweight human male. He has curly reddish-brown hair and a full beard. His eyes are a cloudy white, and he never looks anyone in the eyes while speaking to them. He tends to dress in plain clothes. Sometimes he carries accessories made from preserved animals. He often sports a brown turtle shell on his shoulder. He also carries a morbid fetish crafted from two fused femur bones.

He rarely takes Crinos or Lupus form. When he does his size is larger than normal. His size and auburn fur hints at likely Fianna ancestry.


  • Yeah, well, Stevie Wonder still caught that mic stand, and he ain't Daredevil. I'm more like Daredevil, except he can kick your ass and you can probably kick my ass. Big man, beating up the blind guy. Hey don't roll your eyes at me.
  • No, I'm not going to speak with the spirit of this door. Because it's a god damned moron, that's why. Just like most spirits. "Hey, look at me, I'm a door! Derpy derpy doo! I'm not gonna open unless you do this stupid quest and give me a sack of beaver tits or something dumb like that because I'm a door! Wheee!". No, this is not my "time to shine". Doors call for Ahroun solutions. If you want to be sneaky then talk to a Ragabash. But I'm not going to waste our time engaging with this retarded door and I know I'm not supposed to say retarded but deal with it because that fucking door is fucking retarded. It's a fucktard. How is that? Is that less offensive? There, I hereby dub this door "Fucktard The Locked", now please break it into tiny pieces because The Masked Singer is on tonight and I don't want to get it spoiled for me again, okay?'


  • All of Jake's fetishes and talens contain Banes.
  • He's not a Metis, and wasn't born blind.
  • He's not blind at all; Jake actually sees everything and it's overloaded his visual cortex.

Player: Edward Seibert

Player Email: edseibert.mes@gmail.com

Storyteller: Jeff H.

Storyteller Email: FM.Wta.st.17@gmail.com

Location: FL-046 Fort Myers, FL