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She's a butcher with a smile. Smile not pictured.
Hector Diego Alvarez (now known as Isabella Dora Alvarez) is an arrogant Pander with a penchant for Obtenebration. He searches the Southwest for his Lasombra Sire, who he plans to Diablerize. He is convinced that he will have an important part to play in Gehenna, thousands of years from now, and plans to become as powerful as possible before then.


Diego's earliest memory was sitting in an abandoned warehouse, awakening with the rest of his packmates.

He is an amnesiac, remembering nothing of his mortal life. He didn't even remember his sire, with his packmate Jimmy Welt knowing only that the Sire was Lasombra, and enraged when Diego turned out Caitiff. They'd been on Crusade as shovelheads for nearly a year at that point.

Diego spent the next few years crusading, fighting the Camarilla and defending those enslaved by the Jyhad. Most of his time was spent either killing Elders or rescuing packs in need, which is how he made the acquaintance of Rafael de Lara and Thomas "Gevurah" Sloane. Following their rescue, Diego escorted the duo to Mexico, where he received news that the Crusades were ending.

With little purpose, Diego decided to explore his place in the new order. He has only one goal.

"Find your bastard Sire. Reclaim his blood. Rejoin the Keepers of Night."

Recent History

Hector Diego Alvarez - Recent History

Characteristics and More

Physical Characteristics

As Diego, he will wear a white business shirt, with black slacks and either black chukka boots or black Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers. When asked, Diego will explain that these shoes are one of the last things he still owns from his days as a mortal. Observant individuals will note that the sneakers are far too new to be 25 years old, suggesting that he regularly buys new pairs.

As Dora, she will wear a white business blouse, with black slacks and either black ankle boots or black Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers. The ankle boots have a slight heel, and she is still getting used to wearing them in combat. Dora wears some eyeliner.

Diego/Dora are Hispanic, and keep their hair short. However, the most distinctive physical characteristic is the heavy coat both forms wear. This coat has a tactical purpose. Within its deep inner pockets are just enough shadows to produce Arms of the Abyss in combat, allowing Diego/Dora to carry these weapons wherever they go.


Dora Alvarez tends to come off as proud and hypocritical at first. She has a vastly-inflated opinion of herself, and takes delight in bullying those she looks down on, like Sabbat who have close relationships with the kine. She is also vain, taking great personal pride in both her physical beauty, and how effortless she makes it look. She is convinced that Caine has great plans for her, and she will not allow anyone to stand in the way of Caine's will.

She also has a tendency to let things go to her head. She's not just striving towards meeting Caine at Gehenna. She will see him there, and slay the Antediluvians alongside him. She isn't just a skilled Pander. She is the equal of any Lasombra when it comes to Obtenebration, and superior to many.

Beneath all this, traces of the original Dora remain, locked behind years of Sabbat conditioning and her amnesia. There's an edge of kindness to her, and it's quite often that she simply decides that someone is her friend, and proceeds to risk her life for them.

Of course... She is Sabbat to the core. There are no mortal memories or personality holding her back. Any display of affection from Dora should be regarded as both genuine... And a potential means to an end.

Lore Checks

  • Pander Lore: Diego has something of a bad rap for looking down on his fellow Panders. He refers to Caitiff as "Unbound" and is adamant that "Panders" are only a political movement, and one that should not exist.
  • Lasombra Lore: Diego's sire is unknown, but it's widely believed that he was Lasombra. Diego has spent much of his unlife following Lasombra around like a lost puppy, although his combat record demonstrates that there's more to him than just that.
  • Sabbat Lore: A hardened Crusader, Diego spent his earliest years in the Southeastern United States, and was one of the few who stayed behind to evacuate packs in need when the Hunters launched their attacks.

Quotes, Rumors and More


  • "You floozy!" - A dirty Autarkis who worshiped her Antediluvian before Diego ate her soul.
  • "Fuck... you're... you're a better friend than I deserve." - Vivien
  • "...Los sangres débiles tienen nuestra fortaleza, y preguntan casualmente sobre qué misterios deberían contemplar." - Rafael de Lara
  • "While you are not a Lasombra proper, you still feel the siren call of the Sunless Sea in your blood, and that is enough for me." - Serafino Morreti
  • "That you have suffered no ill effects from your use of Obtenebration in these recent nights speaks either for your luck or your skill, both of which are valuable." - Astraea
  • "Oh, Caine... Don't go there... I see... She has the book, good... But she lacks the quill..." - Verkenner


  • His love for the Lasombra is not limited by sect boundaries.
  • Diego is obsessed with a certain music album he carries with him at all times.
  • Diego is enjoying his female form too much.
  • He knows what Gehenna will look like, but not when it will happen.
  • Rafael keeps him around so Diego can cover their retreats.
  • Dora once served as Templar to an individual now on the Prisci Council.
  • Claims to be working on a technique that will allow her to walk comfortably in the sun.


  • Bloodborne's Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower inspired Dora's long coat, her melee fighting style, and her aloof demeanor. Bloodborne also informs Dora's view of the Abyss as an cosmic repository of eldritch knowledge. Maria's vicious fighting style is informed by her guilt-ridden backstory (Maria was a key player in slaughtering the residents of the Fishing Hamlet), and her desire to prevent the player from reaching the Hamlet. Similarly, Dora wishes to stop all Cainites from reaching Gehenna.
  • French blackgaze band Amesoeurs is my reference point for all neonate Lasombra. Dora isn't Lasombra, but her sire was. Amesoeurs evokes the cool, sexual darkness inherent to Lasombra. That image in particular is one I love, due to look on vocalist Audrey Sylvaine's face. That ennui is something I seek to capture during Dora's more introspective moments.
  • When played as male, Diego is informed by Trent Reznor. He evokes the same "sexual darkness" in Amesoeurs, with the added bonus of embodying Sylvaine's ennui in the male form. Early art also shows some of Reznor's vulnerability, which I draw from during Diego's traumatic visions of Gehenna. Dora would probably not be interested in Reznor's music, except perhaps for Ghosts.

Memes and Art

Player Information

Player: Hugo Guzman
Character: Hector Diego Alvarez de Aragon
Position: [REDACTED]
Status: Initiated
Domain: Orange County Sabbat Archdiocese

VST: Erick Quinones