Heinrich Rurik

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Words words words, terrible words
Heinrich Rurik
"Be Passionate, Be Determined. Be Brujah….but NEVER be Common." - Mila Rurik

Personal Information

Full Name: Heinrich Rurik
Date of Birth: Unknown
Embrace: 1940
Apparent Age: Thirties
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
Class: Ancilla
Position: None
City: New York, NY

RP Hooks

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Notable Traits

Stoic, polite, and particular of speech. Until Brujahing.

Allies and Enemies

Known History

Astrean Valerii

  Pieces of Life

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  • Heinrich has an Anarch childe.
  • Heinrich is in the northeast as part of some long term plan by his sire, Mila Rurik.
  • Heinrich came to Boston due to an explosive situation with a paramour.


  • "You ask me about Sheriff Rurik as if I owe you an answer. But I will say this much to you.. he is fire where I am ice, and yet we are both the bringers of death." - Don Adamo Giovanni
  • "Sheer stubborn will is what brought him to my attention. What kept my attention was the fire that burns deep below the surface. The unparalleled passion he utilizes in his endeavors, and the devotion to his family is what keeps my tarnished knight ever in my affections. You know not who you speak to, only the mask he shows society." - Mila Rurik
  • "Jesus Christ, you want to know about Heinrich? Well, you know how the bad guys always assume they're the good guys? Yeah..." - Yana Teplova
  • "Heinrich? Oh yes. Heinrich. What a lovely young man." - Salomé St. John
  • "I asked Heinrich a long time ago if he truly believed in anything. His answer was the strongest, most passionate, most intense I'd ever received. And no, you don't get to hear it. " - Ana Grace
  • "Of all the guests to Austin for Founder's Day, to my knowledge only three brought gifts for Prince Baanard. I may be biased, but Heinrich's was certainly the most calculated to please a Toreador's asthetic. When attention is given to social niceties that others allow to fall by the wayside, it marks the individual as one who plans and therefore merits watching. Which he does. Have you seen him dance?" - Olivia Collins
  • "In battle, of a thousand combatants, most are like to die and in no right sense should they be present. Some few are warriors that find their calling in the conflict. One though is a champion, and they will see the others through, bring the others back. That is my youngest grandson. A champion. I envy the Prince of Boston their Sheriff." - Amyntas
  • "The George to my Martha. Why would I waste my time pissing off someone I didn't respect?" - Zeb Kessler
  • "I have seen Sheriff Rurik in what could only be described as glacial calm, without a moment's hesitation strike his fist through the chest of a Kindred with which he had issue. It gives one pause to consider his potential were he to be angry enough to let it be seen upon his face. We are countrymen, and if we have aught else in common bears investigation. Do not trifle with him." - Stefan Hoffman
  • (In a completely inebriated slur) "Heinrich? You, come over here! We are related are we not? You help me tell these elders why their system of denying status to those of non pillar clans enforces the injustices we see in our society and how important inclusion is.... wait..why are you dragging me away? Ple...please don't tell your sire" Rain
  • "Our families have a very, very long history. It's quite impressive really. As for Heinrich himself, I appreciate his skill, wit and directness. He is someone you can count on to get the job done, get it done well, and not mince words." ~ Donzella Costigan
  • "I see nothing here I can recommend." -Cornelia Mowebary
  • "Heiny isn't like nearly as like intimidating as like everyone said. He seems like all quiet and sad. Like why would you be like scared of him?" - Karma
  • "I'm not sure if he's full of shit, or full of himself, or neither, but I kind of like this one." - Garvin McCarthy
  • "Some men can't abide living under the rules society forces upon them. Heinrich exists to test those rules, to push and prod them, to weigh their worth and only then decide whether they're worthy of observance. That he takes the measure of people in much the same way is what makes us friends." - Luca Muscato
  • "Quotey Quotes" - yournamehere

Player: Mark Lewis
Location: Boston, MA.

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