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Commonly Known to Kindred Society


Name: Helena Persephone Owens Locke

Alias: Hazel Oleander

Clan: Malkavian

Society: The Camarilla

Status: Acknowledged by Wenlock, Malkavian Prince of Savannah
Confirmed as Ancilla

Notable Traits: Helena is a prophetic Malkavian who is gifted with Oracular sight. Though she is clearly “touched,” she has a cult of personality that affords her particular sway in certain circles. She is the daughter of old money and Southern sophistication from the hostess city herself, Savannah, Georgia. Her debutante upbringing was cut short, but the ghosts of etiquette past linger as nuanced mannerism. The smell of a summer storm follows her. Those who step to closely find themselves brushing away the gossamer threads of a spider’s web.

Lineage: House Locke
Childe of Charlene Doxtader Locke
Childe of Quinntessence Locke
Childe of Contessa Locke
Childe of Aaron Locke


Mortal Biography
Savannah, Georgia (1809-1830)

[1809-1809] She was born Helena Persephone Owens.
[1820-1820] A widespread Yellow Fever outbreak swept across the city. Nearly 700 died, including two physicians treating the sick. Helena contracted Yellow Fever and was admitted to Savannah Poor House and Hospital Society.
[1820-1827] Her parents squirreled Helena away in a ward for "afflicted girls" in the Hospital Society following the outbreak: While doctors cured the Fever, the unexplained affliction to her psyche was irreversible. It began with nightmares. Gradually, those visions of terror began to mix with visions of another nature: the oracular. She left the ward on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, changed.
[1827-1830] Helena was “adopted” by the Georgian Society of Spiritualists (Savannah chapter): Spiritualism had recently begun to develop a cult following. Those with a mind for the occult, macabre, and mystery gathered to prove the existence of supernatural and existence beyond the grave. Could these spiritualist devotees give her an understanding, an answer to the mystery of precognition and plague? Helena embraced their movement wholeheartedly to find out. While the spiritualists embraced her, their motivation was not to assist a wayward kindred spirit. Her gift for the oracular was a device in their pseudo-scientific quest to prove the existence of the supernatural. Her "gift" was at their disposal. Though they were a small group, they were close knit and persuasive, near cultish. Helena escaped one prison for another - a gilded cage.

Vampiric Biography
Savannah, Georgia (1830)

[1830-1830] Helena was Embraced by Charlene Doxtader Locke: Charity watched Helena for months through frames of leaded glass and opened parlors. A brisk February night, the hunter approached her prey at the residence of Sir Reginald and Lady Wilhelmina, patrons of the spiritualist society and fosters to Helena. Helena could not resist the lure Charity dangled - a dream of omens meant for deciphering, a warm tea in a small cozy of the ward’s only inn, and a stroll down darkened cobblestone streets, candlelight dancing strange shapes against brick baroque and gothic facades. Moreseo, Charity promised something Helena barely knew: family. Helena was enchanted, enamoured, meant to feel safe, special, and privileged. The pair talked for hours of visions and “gifts.” They talked of spiritualism. They admonished the society and forsook the founders. Then, the hunter claimed her prey. Helena was dead, but was re-awakened to a world more accepting of her than any she knew.

Southeastern United States (1830-1850)

[1830-1850] While Helena was not in a formal Accounting, she stayed with her Sire for a number of years. Charity introduced Helena to her new family - the Malkavian Lineage House Locke - and vampire society. Helena garnered a small reputation for portents and omen predictions. Her Sire was extremely overprotective, even possessive. Helena never seemed to notice. She adored Charity and only wanted to please her. She paraded the courts with her Sire, providing her own usefulness so the pair shined in Camarilla company.
[1850-1850] In route to Savannah, Helena Embraced Micah Locke.

Savannah, Georgia (1850-current)

[1850-1865] Helena returned to Savannah: What a whirlwind it had been. Helena returned to Savannah with a new perspective and new ambition. How fortuitous for her that Sir Reginald and Lady Wilhemina bequeathed their estate to the young Helena shortly before the tragic sinking their riverboat off the Bay Street Port in 1851. Why, it was amazing that the Georgian Society of Spiritualists’ members all imagined Helena as their new chair, benefiting her with support - financially and socially. Who would have guessed that Helena would have used this new momentum to establish an occult shop that morphed throughout the ages into an after-hours shop specializing in psychic advising, hoaky tomes, and the works. She knew that most of her wares were fictitious placebos and that is exactly why she sold them. She loved watching the third-eye-closed mortals bumble around in the dark searching for anything to give hope to their mundane existence - and to keep an eye on what the mortals actually knew about the supernatural world.
[1865-2010] The Discourteous Courtesies: The Malkavian Prince of Savannah declared the city closed to any new-comers. Those within the city were isolated from the greater kindred society. Helena could not be happier. She spent this time honing her residential sway and carving out a niche for herself in the city. She usually haunted Bonaventure, the Old Candler building’s Yellow Fever tunnels, and the downtown corridor closest to her haven and shop.
[2010-present] With the Discourteous Courtesies lifted, Helena is now focused on maintaining her status quo in Savannah. She established the Thistle and Thorn (her newest occult shop) and Hazel Oleander (herself) as it's curator.

Rumors Heard by Kindred Society


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  • Helena's parents abandoned her in Savannah Poor House and Hospital Society to preserve their reputation among the Savannah elite.
  • In 1851, Helena caused the tragic riverboat sinking off the Bay Street Port in Savannah.
  • To Helena, vitae tastes of strawberry perserves.
  • Helena idolizes Charlene Doxtader Locke to an unhealthy degree.
  • Helena is an avid collector of rare books. She takes a particular interest in the folklore and legends of Europe.
  • Helena is an expert in the occult.
  • From her experiences with the Spiritualist Society, Helena has unique insights into ghosts and faeries.
  • Helena and other members of her family have had visions of a particular Nosferatu from the Northeastern United states. Little is known about this Kindred, but he or she may have crafted the songbird Helena carries with her.
  • Helena's potions have magical properties. She denies this vehemently.
  • Helena is a hearth witch. Her pseudonym is a play on the witch hazel shrub.
  • The Thistle and Thorn is a front. Helena acquires actual occult trinkets and tomes for the discerning buyer.
  • Helena carries with her a small clockwork bird that, when wound, sings a tiny but charming tune.

Commonly Known Acquaintances amongst Kindred Society

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