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Commonly Known Information

Names: "The Iron Mask", "The Man in the Iron Mask", Helmut

Note: This character is NOT to be confused with the French prisoner of infamy who died in 1703 during the reign of Louis XIV,
later popularized by Writer and philosopher Voltaire in the second edition of his “Questions sur l'Encyclopédie” (published in 1771),
Alfred de Vigny in "The Prison" (1821), et al., who colloquially came to be known as “The Man in the Iron Mask”.

Clan: Malkavian

Sect: Camarilla

Social Class: Elder

Status: Confirmed, Established, Privileged

Notable Traits: Wears a carved, wooden mask decorated to look like metal. Travels with his assistant, Bas Vander Linden.

Personality: Aloof, enigmatic; he seems to favor competence and results over showmanship.

Appearance: Masked man in a hooded cloak and tunic. Metal accessories and armor pieces. Carries his assistant with his right arm.

Whispered Words & Associations


  • His "Assistant" holds a number of boons of his own.
  • "The Iron Mask" was cursed by the Fae, and obsessively collects lore related to them.
  • Objects he crafts out of wood seem... creepy somehow, at least for the first few weeks.
  • Your Rumor Here


  • "Elders pay what they're suppose to. They're the ones who built the system, crafted the walls, and brought so many in from the cold. Even the ones who leave creepy dolls in the backseat of your car. Crafted well enough, at least." - Simon Flint
  • "I love it when an Elder is so clear about what game they want you to play. We'll always make time for the mask and his little man at The Renaissance." - Lucy Giovanni
  • "I'm utterly convinced that wee little puppet man is enchanted in some way, but he's entertaining all the same. I only wish the Elder Malkavian would share!" - Liam Kincaid
  • "See this? This is what you get when you give someone power and respect just for being old instead of making them earn it." - Kyle
  • "Some imply that my Clan mate is Mad. Crazy. Stricken. I make no such implications. I will flat out tell you he is quite insane." - Reverend Gideon Haven
  • "Are not all true artists truly mad?" - Irma Kardoș
  • "As charming as his assistant is I will not be surprised when Karma uses it to as kindling when she roasts him." - Vengeance
  • "Elder The Iron Mask is a marvelously compelling narrator. That he kindly shared with me some of his remarkable stories is an honor I continue to hold dear." - Annette Voclain
  • "Helmut was helpful when we met in his youth, he showed great promise and had seen hints of Truth. His understanding of True Reality has only increased since, at an unfortunate cost ..." - Basir
  • "Your Quote Here" - Someone

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OOC Information

Player: Sam Bashline

Player Email: Sam B.

Storyteller: Sid Banerjee

Storyteller Email: Houston VST

Location: Houston, TX