Henri D'Corbin

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Henri D'Corbin

Deed Name: Seeker of Spiders

Rank: Fostern

Tribe: Corax

Camp: Grey Hats

Breed: Homid

Pack: Rogue Elements

Sept: The Sept of the White Field

Notable Traits: Fidgety and curious


Henri was born the 11 june of 1983 in Bastia, Corsica.

Born a Homid, he grew up unaware of his heritage and developed a keen interest in technology.

He got his first computer at 7 and developed a morbid curiosity for all things technological.

Then when he became 12 years old the first change changed everything.

Henri was confused by his change, and somewhat scared, until a few weeks after his first change he was approached by some of the old men of the island.

They taught him what he was and what was his purpose, they offered to teach him how to control his change, about Helios, the raven, and the umbra.

As he grew and was taught the way of the Corax he could not help but lament the difference between himself and the old crows of the island. Stranded in the mountains, trading in small village gossip and old folk tales of the island, Henri learned that many Corax were born in the island before him, but most of them left, attracted by greater secrets in a more lively area, the old Corax of Corsica were a dying breed stuck in a derelict past, Old, Corvid born, unable to accept the modern world, tied to a rural life and cheap secrets among simple folks.

So like many before him, Henri decided to leave the island as soon as he was old enough to do it, he enrolled in the Université du Québec à Montréal. Being fascinated as every other Corax in information he entered the Faculty of Communication and approached Journalism.

Still, when he started to do investigative journalism and tried to write articles about Pentex and its dealings only to see newspapers constantly refuse to publish any of his articles about it.

Around the same time, Henri managed to get in contact with a network of Corax with a heavy presence on the internet. Homid born who called themselves the peckers of secrets. Most of them were expert hackers and members of the Gray hats camp. That became the perfect fit for Henri and together they started several attacks on Pentex and its subsidiaries, disrupting services, leaking secrets and disseminating into the web amateur documentaries on their activities.

Unexpectedly, years after he last sent applications, “The Mass Courier” A newspaper based in Northampton offered him a Job. Hoping that he could use the job to spread around information about Pentex and Damage the company, Henri accepted the Job and traveled to Western Massachusetts.


  • Henri has no secrets because he is incapable of keeping them

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