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Corax | Corvid | Ragabash | Adren
Aliases: Harriet "Hattie" McGraw, Aunt Hattie, Hurther, Laughs Loudest, Thief, Cub Catcher
Pack: Three-Eyes
Sept: Fallen Green


Usually in corvid, Hereandthere is a large raven remarkable only in that one eye has been damaged and is now blind.

In homid, there's a lot of look going on: She has dark, unruly hair, pale skin, and elaborate black clothing covered with sparkly gewgaws. And of course, that scarred and damaged eye.


  • ~1975: Hatched as a crow in the New York metropolitan area / LI suburbs, in the same clutch as Nowandthen.
  • ~1980: First change!
  • 2007: Joins forces with Iakov Sedeyushchiy to help Aiden D'Arcy smuggle weapons for the Fianna.
  • 2008: While traveling in Virginia, saves a young Ghural (Justin) who had been living as a bear in the zoo. Teaches him a few tricks to making his way in the world now that he can be human shaped.
  • 2009: The Sept of the Broken Green in NYC is formed. Takes in her much-younger sibling after their parents are killed in the fighting.
  • 2010: Aided during the Rite of the Still Skies, spying on the enemy and helping to smuggle cubs, kinfolk and the wounded away so that the warriors and ritualists could focus.
  • 2011: The Three Eyes Pack forms
  • 2012: Returns to Virginia to check on the bear cub.
  • 2013: Summer - NE Peace Talks - October Mt. State Forest, Mass
  • 2014: A Rokea bitten is discovered during a patrol of the waterways, and the Three-Eyes get a little bit fishy.
  • 2015: Raid on the Facility where Leon was held
  • 2017: The Three-Eyes join the Sept of the Fallen Green.



  • Has laid flocks of kinfolk
  • Was never able to raise a Spirit Egg to successful hatching - this is why she's so preoccupied with other people's cubs.


  • "She is a good bird! She is very nice! And brave! And smart!" - Leon
  • "She's a nosy bird, is what she is. She knows more than she lets on, that's for sure. It speaks to her character that she leverages that for trust and kindness, not power or personal gain." - Hollis Faraday
  • "I'll take the judgment of someone who pretends not to be wise over someone who does any day of the week." - Haunts-the-Forest
  • "She is a genuine soul. There are few you can meet and know inside that they are not deceiving." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "She gives the best gifts. Note to self, always have something shiny for her." - Hollis Faraday
  • "She is right- and we still have much to learn from each other." - Momo



  • Loplop the bird king - King Rat, Mieville

Player: Abby E
VST: John C
Ties: Fellow crows, warriors I may have worked with, cubs or kinfolk I may have helped save