Hermès Van Xandt

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Name: Hermès Van Xandt

Resort Consortium.png

Notable Traits: Ambitious, Implacable, Savvy

Type: Mage

Character Type Subgroup: Mastigos

Union: Entertainers' Union

Chartered Company: VX Resort

"The Mind simply is. Space, however is an utter fabrication. Time... Well, that's the thing."

In 4090, Van Xandt and his wife Cherie arrived on Utopia IV as part of Anthony’s entourage, hoping that he had found a place where he could stake a claim and provide safe haven for Supernaturals that had been cast out by the Core. His penchant for political maneuvering allowed him to quickly establish VX Resort, which soon became the preeminent vacation and leisure destination on the Paradise Planet. For his assistance in establishing the planet's Resort Consortium, Van Xandt was appointed as their representative on the Planetary Council; a position he holds to this day.

Since arriving on Utopia IV, Van Xandt has strongly espoused the view that supernaturals and mortals can and should coexist in harmony. Change will only occur from the grassroots, he would say.

4018- VX fends off several assassination attempts.

4018- VX spearheads a legislative action before the planetary council that nearly outlaws ownership of property by Megacorps within the Utopia system.

4018- With the many struggles Utopia IV has had with anti-supernatural extremists, including attacks on VX Resorts, some close to him have noticed that Van Xandt's mood has darkened.

Van Xandt was born as an indentured servant to a Megacorp on a mining planet in the Expanse
Van Xandt secretly controls the minds of all members of the Planetary Council
Van Xandt is truly a Werespider able to take human form
Van Xandt is a pure cinnamon roll; it's his wife you should be afraid of
Van Xandt's powers are actually the result of very expensive and rare cybernetic implants made by the Megacorps
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"He is a man always hungry for more. I hope he finds satisfaction." - Bones
"Van Xandt has the capability for shrewd calculations and altruistic decisions, but I often find his own ambitions and paranoia overruns him." - Lux
"Van Xandt tends to act first, think later, and ask questions last. Which would be great - except for when he mucks up my getting paid." - Radam

Player: Kenny Kindrick

Player Email: US2016060067@gmail.com

'Storyteller: Kyle Broekers

Storyteller Email: sc.austin.space@gmail.com

Location: Austin, TX (TX-0065)