Hermes Oberge

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No act of Kindness No Matter How Small Is Ever Wasted - Aesop

Commonly Known Information

Name: Dr. Hermés Henri Oberge

Notable Traits: A man dressed in Black and Pink, A Doctor with a sad look in his eyes. No one is sure what lives behind the eyes it could be the doctors seemingly inexhaustible kindness or his own agenda.

Society: Camarilla; Primogen of Clan Malkavian

Sire: Reverend Gideon Haven

Childer: Malachi Oliver

Clan: Malkavian



a. Born September of 1860 to a Fur Trapper (Henri Louis Oberge) and former French Debutant (Andrea Violet Toussaint)

b. 1884 Graduated from St. Alsace Ecole pour la Medcine Summa Cum Laude.

c. 1885 Marries Isabelle Oberge

d. 1886 His daughter Louisa Andrea Oberge is born.

e. 1890 Reverend Gideon Haven sees the Young Doctor and embraces him. Oberge believes that his family was murdered in this embrace.

f. 1892 Oberge and his Sire travel to the American Southwest. His sire often blood bonds him and plays with his mind and memory.

g. 1895 The Reverend cuts Oberge loose saying he has all the training needed to “do gods will”

h. 1900, broken and near death Oberge collapses near death in the Nevada desert, saved from the sun only by a hermit living in a nearby cave.

l. 1939 After establishing several medical centers across the land and amassing a sizable fortune and contacts, he seeks an elder of his lineage in New Jersey.

m. 2002, With the reluctant permission of his Prince, Hermes sires Malachi Oliver in a fit of poorly thought out empathy.

n. 2007, Oberge joins the Primogen council representing Clan Malkavian and helped elect the new prince.


"You are the rightful representative for us." - Elder Marius Lacourciere congratulating Hermés on becoming Primogen.

"I always knew the Lord was right to pick him. He will do great things." - Reverend Gideon Haven

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OOC Information

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