Hidden Snake

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Written Words
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Innate Status
  • None
Abiding Status
  • None
Fleeting Status
  • Honorable- Amyntas Prince of San Francisco (F)

This Salubri seemed to be very poised and diplomatic upon first visiting. He usually hides all his skin and speaks in a slight spanish accent. Trying to find out who he truely is however might be a challenge he is rather enigmatic.

Hidden snake has been known to visit others under astral Projection at first. Testing the waters and the opinions of other vampires as it were to see if it was worth to take the risk to see if the Salubri could be freed from the chains of oppression and death.

Notable Traits

  • Hidden Snake never shows who he truly is to anyone.
  • He wears a snake mask. The mask makes one feel Serine.
  • Seems to fade into the background easily.
  • Keeps what he can do close to the chest.

Hidden Snake Mask.jpg
The Thoughts of Others


  • ""Will Destroying the Tremere create Safety? Or will it make us the monsters they have been?" - Hidden Snake
  • "I am uncertain if Hidden Snake is a genius or a madman. But I do know he is no infernalist. Anyone who says otherwise can ask Satan himself, and I will handle the travel arrangements." Maksim Volk


  • Hidden Snake is an Elder
  • Hidden Snake is a Setite
  • Has been around since before the Camarilla
  • Actually has Visage of the true form.
  • Hidden snake is a Tlateque
  • Seeks Vengance against the Prince that murdered his sire, because he didn't get to his potent blood first.
  • Seems to know too much about the Infernal
  • Witnessed the Destruction of Ur-Shulgi Personally
  • Has the age of a Neonate


Player: Jayce Stauffer
C@M Number: US2003051594
Location: San Fransisco CA

Hidden Snake

Clan: Salubri
Sect: Unaligned
Domain: San Fransisco, CA
Player: Jayce Stauffer
VST: James Ryan