Hikari no Hashira

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Hikaru, Hikari no Hashira "Pillar of Light"

Notable Traits: Mixed race, but shows many faces. Shojin Kataribe.

Pack: Chaos Theory

Society: Has joined the Garou Nation

Sept: Sept of Joining Waters


Hikaru was born in 2001, during the New Year's celebrations in Fukushima Japan. His parents doted on him, as Kitsune always dote on Shinjin who did not cost them a life to bring into this world. He had a spoiled childhood, but absorbed his lessons like a sponge. Though he was not being pushed to his limits.

In 2011, a tsunami struck Japan and damaged the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor cooling system. While inland himself, he went out and assisted with the survivors, with memories and details of him obscured as his unique mystical heritage expressed itself. This was the event tied to him leaving behind his time as a kit.

While other Kitsune had left Beast Courts in 2009, such as his great-great-grandmother, many more stayed, but some few still left each year. Hikaru decided that he now needed to explore more of the world and left the Beast Courts himself.

He served as a page for one of the Kitsune diploments that assisted the Gurahl and others to secure the tree that the Shard Seeds come from (VIP expenditure 02280029). He later came along to the first planting of a shard seed in Las Vegas (VIP expenditure 02280012). There he met a Garou who helped him out in the chaos - and later followed a shard seed to see it planted in Kansas City (and has done so whenever he could tag along to other plantings or could talk his way into doing so).



Chaos Theory


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OOC Information

Player: Brian Gates

Player Email: brian+kitsune@castlegates.org

Storyteller: Kendra Allen

Storyteller Email: darkheartlandapoc@gmail.com

Location: Kaw Point Protecterate