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Name: Hiram Isaiah Aynesworth

Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Toreador
Social Class: Elder


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Style: Elder Aynesworth's mode of dress is typically meticulous and carefully crafted to fit a description best termed 'nondescript'. Dressed well, he favors unrelieved charcoal grey suits and shirts, without neckties. Any overcoats worn with his clothing are similarly uninteresting and hooded.

The Mask: In settings where the Masquerade is not fully secured, his face is carefully masked with Obfuscate, depicting an average, middle aged man with dark hair that's threaded with silver. His features are spare and narrow, with neatly trimmed facial hair and brown eyes.

The Truth: In any setting where the Masquerade is secured and the Kindred are among only their own, Elder Aynesworth does not take the effort to mask his face, presenting a much different reality. Ugly, twisted scars from claws, shiny red burns from fire and heated implements, and mottled bruising from what would appear to be heavy blows remain on his face and neck, frozen in eternity at the moment of his Embrace.


Precious little is known about Hiram Aynesworth's youth, or even his Embrace in public circles; the tale is said to be a subject not for the faint of heart. After a decade under accounting, he was released and his subsequent centuries have been spent honing his craft until his words cut to the quick as easily as they might send the soul aloft on flights of fancy.

To be sure, most artists who have endured his exacting eye have suffered vituperative criticism, shredding their efforts with unwonted cruelty, but never has Elder Aynesworth turned an artist away. More than once, a returning artist has come away with glowing praise for their improvements and encouragement for having uplifted their art...but rare is the day when there are no criticisms to be found, even when the Elder is said to have been kind.


An Elder member of House Friday, though rumored to have been adopted into the House.



  • "He's like an actual Tortured artist.. like literally Tortured. ....I think I'm in love, or at least Serious Like." -- Drystan
  • "If you want to know what I do for the Elder, ask him." - Skoll

Quotable quotes, by Hiram or about him, feel free to add your own!

OOC Information

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Looking for Ties

  • Toreador who have brought work for criticism and grown from his hateful words.
  • Toreador who have brought work for criticism and rejected his critique, hating him forever.
  • Toreador who burned out because of his vitriol, or changed art forms entirely.
  • Other critics!
  • The Kindred saddled with him during his accounting. 1700's France. Inquire within!
  • Teachers for Obfuscate with boons for payment.
  • Allies, Enemies, etc. I'm fairly open to making ties.


Player: Kenny C.

Storyteller: Manhattan, KS C/A VST

Location: Manhattan, KS