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Be Good To Others, That Will Protect You Against Evil.


Character Information

Name: Kuro Hiroko

Type: Kitsune

Auspice: Kataribe

Rank: Fostern

Sept: Sept of the Hidden Shore

Pack: Cast Off Nation


Physical Description

Kojin Form:

Koto Form:

Kyubi Form:

Joko Form:

Personality and Timeline



  • 1780: Kuro Hiroko is born in _____, Japan. Her mother is lost in childbirth.
  • 1782: Kuro Miya (Nikki) is born to Hiroko’s Uncle and his non-Japanese wife.
  • 1785: Begins dance lessons.
  • 1795: Begins training after school for public speaking and negotiation.
  • 1798: First Change. Hiroko comes upon a young girl being chased by an assailant. She planted herself between the two, and the first change came upon her as the assailant struck out as if to knock her aside from his path. Hiroko seriously injured the assailant, who was later taken out by individuals hired by her family in order to keep him from speaking of what he’d seen.
  • 1800: Begins work on the business plan for their first company with Miya.
  • 1801: Hiroko becomes Cliath, having completed the lessons ascribed to her by her mentors, and displaying an aptitude for her path by collecting and piecing together a story from several of the local Elders to proper completion. One of these was Masaoka Hansuke, whose grandson, Masaoka Kenshin, Hiroko hung around with for some time after. Though the Gurutsushi got the two of them in a bit of trouble, Hiroko was always good at talking their way out of it.
  • 1802: Hiroko and Miya open a small storefront as their 1st Business.
  • 1825: Hiroko becomes Fostern. She and Kenshin were both assigned the task of negotiating peace between their Septs. Having generally only gotten into mischief together, they were told to utilize their skills for something that would benefit more than themselves. Utilizing Kenshin's skills of misdirection and Hiroko's impressive negotiation skills, they arranged a meeting between the members and Kinfolk that were causing problems on each side, and mediated negotiations for peace.
  • 1870: Sell ownership of 1st Business, and open a fine dining restaurant that begins to gather a spread of clientele, giving them continued access to a range of information and goings-on.
  • 1945: Sell their restaurant, and establish a whore house as their second business. Discreet, their business gains quiet popularity, and pillow talk and murmured whispers keep them informed of local goings-on.
  • 1980s: Hiroko entertains Cato (CoG Galliard, Jonathan Felber) as a guest, sharing tales and cultural differences.
  • 1982: Kuro Ki is born as Kinfolk to Miya, and Hiroko steps in to help take care of and raise him with her cousin.
  • 2009: Keeps a watchful eye on the Khan, Chase Wilson (Karl), who’s taken an interest in her cousin after being helped through his injuries. She relaxes her watchful eye as she notices his protective nature over Miya.
  • 2009: Moves with Miya, Chase, and Ki over to the Americas, helping her open clubs where they settle. Hiroko acts both as a confidant for the employees and as a performer.
  • 2010: Opens a burlesque club with Miya.
  • 2010-2013: (Somewhere in here) Alex (Theurge, John Hambly) wanders into one of Miya and Hiroko’s clubs while attending Duke University. They hit it off at first, but Hiroko ultimately ends the relationship due to her discomfort with his necromantic focus in Theurge practices.
  • 2012: Open Second Club - Need to choose what it is.
  • 2015: Acquire ownership of Techo-Goth club from previous owner, where Patricia was already working.
  • 2016: Moves with Miya and Chase to area, and joins the Nation a few months after them.
  • 2016: Helps form a new Caern / Sept in October 2016, and forms a pack with several other Fera; Chase Wilson (Karl), Kuro Miya (Nikki), Havelock (Amanda H), Patricia Quill (Amanda B), Open Source / Dusty (Foster), Hugo Channing / Sleeps Like the Dead (Justin), and Laughs Without Luna (Tim).

Quotes and Rumors


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  • Hiroko has a tendency to take in or support wayward souls.


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  • "How often we do not realise what we need, until we are very near it." - Akechi Kaito
  • "Your Quote Here" - Name
  • "What's life without a little mischief? Right Hiroko?" - Masaoka Kenshin



Pack Mates

  • Chase Wilson
  • Kuro Miya
  • Havelock
  • Patricia Quill
  • Open Source
  • Sleeps Like the Dead
  • Laughs Without Luna

Friend and Allies

  • Alex - An old flame.
  • Kuro Ki - First Cousin, Once Removed
  • Cato - Shared Stories and Culture.
  • Masaoka Kenshin - Swapped Stories of the Elders, and May Have Gotten in a Little Trouble.
  • Kaito - A fellow fox, who may have surprised her in more ways than one.


OOC Information


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