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Information Known


Name: Hlif Grimsdottir
Class: Elder
Sect: Camarilla


  • Confirmed
  • Established
  • Privileged
  • Acclaimed from Seneschal Abbott Lamont of Little Rock, AR




Hlif began her life as the daughter of the Jarl of Borg, Norway, born in 1017. From the beginning, she wasn't like the other Austmann girls. A spear her father had made for her became her constant companion. Under the tutelage of Siegrid of the True North, she eventually became a Shield-Maiden. Betrothed to Einar Lodinson, descendant of Olaf Magnusson, who soon saw promise in her and she trained directly under the Gangrel King. After a time, she came to be traded to his broodmate Arne, who gifted her to his newly Embraced Childe Rankeillour. She fought by his side for a long time before nearly falling at a battle of the Hundred Year's War, when she was mortally wounded. In 1350, Rankeillour Embraced her to save her life. In 1550, her last known Haven was set upon by the Sabbat and her coterie was slaughtered. She was thought to be dead. After nearly 500 years, she was found by Sadiq, Rita, and Ingolf, and awakened from Torpor.

Notable Traits

  • Platinum hair twisted into braids and dreadlocks
  • Elder Futhark tattoos covering her body from the neck down, that tell all of the stories of Freya
  • Jade hued cat's eyes
  • Eerie Presence of cold radiating in a 5 foot radius centered on her
  • A stoic expression and an air of confidence.
The Spear of Freya.jpeg



  • She is the embodiment of Freya herself and her awakening heralds the return of Odin.
  • Hlif was kidnapped by Tremere twice and both times escaped.
  • She's actually a cat that has the power to shapeshift.

Quotes by or about Hlif Grimsdottir

  • "My lady is a ferocious fighter. She is a soul that one should never underestimate. Mister likes her." - Rita Verona
  • "So slow... I expected some slowing to account for age, but to this extent? Catch me if you can..." - Sadiq Nagi
  • "She is certainly not afraid to bare all before those she intends to trust." - Phoenix
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OOC Information

Domain: Santo Domingo
Player: Monika L. Bailey US2008032050
Player Email: char.rousseau@gmail.com
Storyteller: Mary Dubuisson

Storyteller Email: vst.camarilla@virtual.mindseyesociety.org

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