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Hollis is short, slim, and wears large horn-rimmed glasses. From a distance, this gives him the appearance of being younger than he is, but up close, the lines around his mouth and the grey at his temples make it obvious he's in his late 30s or early 40s. His hair is black, cut fashionably, but tends to escape whatever hairstyle he has it in as the day wears on. His eyes are a touch too yellow to be called hazel. Occasionally, a slight southern accent slips through, but it always disappears as quickly as it shows up.


Hollis is rarely seen in any form other than Homid, but on the rare occasion that he does shift to Lupus, he's unusually dark-furred for a Glasswalker, though as he is of no particular lineage this may not be a surprise. He's quite small, but lean muscle rather than bulk points to swiftness that matches his dexterity on the legal field.


Hollis' baseline tends to be solemn, with occasional hints of dry humor, but this can easily turn into an air of exasperation when things aren't as efficient as he'd like them to be. He's known to be practical and values the same in others. A hint of sleaziness occasionally drifts through.

A real estate developer in Brooklyn, he has a legal background that serves him in both his daily life and as a Philodox. Although he claims to be "community-minded," sharp individuals note that the work he's done is less in favor of the community and more in the favor of luxury apartments. He has a very un-NYC soft spot for firearms, prompting some to remark that you can take the boy out of the country, but a little country stays in the boy.



Player: Stan Stanley, US201304148
Domain: NY-004-D
VST: John C.

Looking for

  • Black Fury relatives who are still somewhat disappointed in him,
  • Get of Fenris who've heard some rumors about him not being trustworthy,
  • Glasswalkers who may have mentored or been mentored by him,
  • Philodoxes who may've agreed with his non-traditional views, or ones who may've argued with him about the same,
  • Kin/Fera lovers, future or former.

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