Honey Badger

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Honey Badger

Titles: Shakar of the Black Hand

Notable Traits: Hunter, On a Path, Doesn't Give a Fuck

Society: Sabbat

Generation: 9th

Clan: Gangrel

Status: Courageous, Battle-Scarred

Honey-tentacles.jpg Actual image of Honey covered in abyssal arms ready to attack a demon.


Honey Badger hails from Ireland, and has 2 childer: Maple Moose (Pander) and 13. He is on the Path of Orion.



  • "Being around Honey makes me uneasy, like he is moments away from devouring me... What's odd is how safe I feel, regardless. He is a wall, but more than that, he is a friend. I do not believe there's anything he cannot defeat, nor an obstacle he cannot overcome. I pity the prey which underestimates him." - Valerie Evans
  • "I like Badger. He fights like a dervish and doesn't give a damn. Watching him do his thing on the battlefield could almost convert me to the Path of Orion if I wasn't already comfy on my own." -KK Ryder
  • "Black Hand, Inquisition, just imagine the pain we could inflict one someone! Hey, let's start with this guy!" - Gabriel Thompson
  • "Roach is glad this one is apart of the sword, and not against it." -Roach
  • "The consummate Remover. An excellent partner. Just the distraction we need." -The Basilisk

OOC Information

Player: Michael S.

Player Email: azrealheart@gmail.com

Storyteller: Heather C.

Storyteller Email: H. Connelly

Location: St. Catherine's