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"Sali Lilssalam" - "Pray for Peace"
— House Al-Karami family motto




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House Al-Karami plays to some fairly specific themes, outlined above, that its team members chose at the beginning of the chronicle, much like how themes are outlined on a VSS. The purpose of these themes is to keep the Al-Karami team from branching off in a lot of different directions. This keeps us more or less on the same page with one another, even as members get added or leave. These themes are reviewed about once a year through discussion within the team, so some flexibility is permitted as the chronicle goes on.

Generally, if a player is interested in joining the House, we ask that they review the wiki and let us know if they have any questions. Then, if that sounds appealing, we will talk to the prospective team member about her character concept, to try to get a sense of whether or not she fits with what we've established as a group. Finally, if that all goes over well, we send the prospective team member's character concept to the team to review. If the team has questions or concerns, everyone will address them together. The rest of the team has a simple "speak now or forever hold your peace" period, wherein if they are concerned about a prospective team member's concept, they can veto the member's final approval.

Our intention isn't by any means to be exclusionary; it's to make sure that the people who signed up to play a certain way earlier don't find their game changing in unexpected and undesired ways later. This process is very much like choosing a VSS to play on - if you want to play on this one, we ask that you stay more or less within the lines that we've already defined. If your character concept is too off-the-wall from what we're doing - even if it's really cool! - we might not be the best place for you to explore that concept. If that's the case, many of the players in Al-Karami still like to make character ties with folks to help get them more involved in the Ventrue game.

So, feel free to get in touch about character ties. We'd love to have you on board!

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