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Family tree

Gaius Cornelius Scipio (Patriarch)

In service:

Information known by the kindred world

Clan: Ventrue

Sect: Primarily Camarilla

House sigil: Two-headed eagle gules on sable*

House motto: Aquila Non Capit Muscas (An eagle does not catch flies)


The history of House Asher dates back to the glorious triumphs of Ancient Rome. Its patriarch, Lord Asher, was embraced during Sulla's second civil war; as his name suggests, he was linked with the great family of the Cornelii, which suggests he would have fought on his kinsman's side. However, the actual decision was lost to history (save Sulla's remarkable victory over Marius). The line proudly claims lineage from Septima Dominica, the childe of Antonius and grandchilde of Ventrue. The Ashers have stated this line with confidence since the events of the early 21st century.

Much of the Asher history is kept within the family. It is known that they had ties across the Mediterranean, including Byzantium and Italy, and Lord Asher sired childer in both countries. From here, the line expanded across mainland Europe and the British Isles. In the 18th century the business-minded Ventrue expanded their trade into the colonies, stretching from the wilds of Canada to the tropical heat of India and even Hong Kong. In the 20th century, with the advent of effective globalization and instant banking, the Ashers consolidated their positions to better support each other.

Currently all members of House Asher save one have taken up residence in the Americas; Harry Massey maintains the family's former foothold in London, UK.


  • Behind their veneer of nobility and decorum, is a family of cold, ruthless degenerates
  • It has been said that the debauchery of their family gatherings could make even a Giovanni blush
  • They drink, and they know things
  • The Ashers have a secret ritual involving a spicy donkey


The sigil of House Asher is against the rules of heraldry, showing colour-upon-colour. It is, however, the inverse of the coat of arms of Albania, and is known to have been in place before the rules of tincture were developed. Given this pedigree, it is not considered an issue.

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