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" Laeti vescimur nos subacturis. "



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Found in 1650 with Siobhan, house Melusine takes its name from the sir name of its founder. A Romani by blood, Siobahn treated her house like a close tribe. Its members are known to gather often and keep things close within the family. Their Talents are diverse, and the dynamic of the family is one not commonly seen within the Kindred world. House Melusine is....unique.


Information Known by Kindred Society

The house was founded by a great Seer, and within it the line carries this trait within many of it's members.

Rumors and Quotes

  • The whole house is cursed by the very people they hail from.
  • One of the Melusines is a member of Watchdogs.

OOC Information

Organizing Player: Seala Melusine

Organizing Player Email:

Storyteller: Nicholas Dockery

Storyteller Email:

Location: GA-013-D Columbus, GA


Want to join House Melusine?

Joining the House is simple, and there are currently open slots we would love other players to fill! Reach out to Racheal Smith for more information if you meet the requirements below. Have an interesting idea? Shoot us an email and lets see if we can make it work!

Not Accepting:


  • A player must fall within a Singer of Sphears or Valkyrie style build to join this house. If you need more information on that, just reach out to Racheal.
  • All Melusine family members have the flaw eerie presence: silver eyes.
  • All Mulusine first names begin with "S".
  • All Melusine family members have the flaw cursed: The Romani see them for what they are.