House of Cups

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IC Contacts

First Floor


Layout of the first floor, mainly dinning space, cafe, bar, and kitchen.


The main floor bar for all patrons, mortal and supernatural alike, no special protections here.


Main Dining room with table service. There is a stage as well that allows for any type of act.


Cafe where one can snag a coffee and delightful fresh pastry.

Second Floor


The upper floor, this is more exclusively used by supernaturals.


This main gathering room has private entrance from the outside grounds and is generally warded against mortals.


This upper level bar is generally where Mal tends.


This outdoor seating overlooks the garden and is a nice place to come and relax from the crowds inside.


Games and other amusements are in this room for patrons.


This gameroom includes a comfortable fireplace as well.



OOC Note

Please note: This is a PC owned and operated location, if you want to use it for soft RP between games, please let one of us know because it is a busy place and we keep an eye on things. If you break, damage, and/or steal anything, tell the ST so that we can be informed as we find out about damages. Excessive abuse of the location will result in it not being offered as a meeting place or with individuals being asked to leave.


House of Cups is a remodeled Victorian villa in Auckland that has been turned into a restaurant and bar. It is known for serving fun and creative beverages (both alcoholic and non), fresh baked goods, and locally sourced foodstuffs. They often have live music, both in the form of special events and with their local musician. The place is generally considered family-friendly.

The employees of the restaurant are not all supernatural and should not be assumed to know about the compact.

The main floor is the restaurant, while the second floor rooms and the garden can be rented for special events or groups. Compact events here will always be Scheduled and using the Second floor. The second floor has several rooms off of a hallway, as well as two gender-neutral single-person bathrooms. To get to the second floor, you can come in through the restaurant of innocent bystanders on the main floor and use the stairs or the small accessibility elevator, or you can come in through the patio doors, using an outside staircase that bypasses the main restaurant.


Menus tend to change with the moods of the proprietors and cooks and bakers, but here is a sampling of what you can get at the House of cups.

HOCBrunch.png HOCLunch.png

HOCSupper.png HOCBar.png


Mal is a capable bartender and can whip up whatever anyone desires. Here is a place to see what specials that have been.


  • Lemon Drops and Lemon Meringue
  • Apple 'Tinis & Tarts


Who plays here? Who sings here? Do we do poetry readings? Do we do karaoke? Do we talk about the upstairs game room with all the things?


Rules for private hire can go here so that we can see them.